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Yuzuru Hanyu: Commercials: Japanese Red Cross – Love In Action

This is by far, the BEST commercial that Yuzuru has done!!  The song in the commercial is  Believe” (written as ビリーヴ in Japanese) by GReeeeN.  It’s got such a catchy tune even if you don’t know or understand the words.  I sure hope they actually release this song soon!!  Yuzuru is promoting donating blood as a 20 year old.  This is for such a good cause!!

IMG_8869        IMG_8882

I find the 15 and 30 second commercials a bit too short, the 60 second commercial is the best one.  I love it, and I can watch it over and over again!!  Having the voices of the kids, Yuzu, and the young guy with the guitar as voice overs is such a nice touch!!  Even though Yuzu’s only words in the voice over are “la, la la”, it’s awesome!!

Link to 15 second commercial:

Link to 30 second commercial:

Link to 60 second commercial:

Link to “making of” footage:

I also love that they left Yuzuru looking pretty natural – no fancy overdone hairdo, the outfit is nice and simple, and doesn’t detract from the message.


How I wish I was this flexible!!


Follow on Promotion:  Once you give blood or make a donation, you will get the scan code and be able to play with a picture of Yuzu, and photoshop yourself with him.  In addition, if you donate blood, you are entered into a chance to win one of the original posters of Yuzu’s Red Cross promotion.


So, now I think I’ve covered all of the commercials that we have seen Yuzu in this year, and here is my ranking of Best to Worst.

  1. Japanese Red Cross – Love in Action
  2. Nintendo Monster Hunter 4G
  3. Amino Vital
  4. Ghana Chocolate
  5. Xylitol White

I haven’t been to Japan yet, but I suspect if you were to go there now, you can’t really go anywhere without seeing Yuzuru’s face on a building billboard, a train station, or on multiple magazines and newspapers in stores everywhere.  Even the ice rink in his hometown Sendai has become a tourist attraction!!  I will say it again, he is a marketers’ dream.

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