Hey sports fans!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am a self admitted “rink rat” so a lot of this blog will be about figure skating and hockey, however as an ex-figure skater, ex-varsity athlete and a sports fan in general, I usually have thoughts and opinions about alot of different sports I follow, so visit often!

Monthly Archives: January, 2015

Yuzuru Hanyu: The Evolution of the Pooh Tissue Box

Back in the day when I was a competitive skater, we carried stuffies around and we called them our “mascots”.  We brought them with us to competitions for good luck, … Continue reading

January 31, 2015 · 16 Comments

NHL: The Softer Side of Ovechkin

Hey hockey fans!! So we constantly hear about Alex Ovechkin and how he doesn’t possess the leadership skills like Sidney Crosby to lead his team to a Stanley Cup. Well…this … Continue reading

January 26, 2015 · 1 Comment

Yuzuru Hanyu: Competition Costumes

This blog entry is all about Yuzuru’s competition costumes.  I did not include any exhibition or show costumes because there are simply too many to discuss.  I may blog about some … Continue reading

January 25, 2015 · 7 Comments

Yuzuru Hanyu: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

So, 2014 was the year of the ALS ice bucket challenge.  It was a creative idea that got a lot of people talking about this awful disease.  Many many people … Continue reading

January 21, 2015 · Leave a comment

My Top 10 Figure Skating Programs of All Time

Here is my list of Top 10 Figure Skating performances of all time!! 10.  Yuzuru Hanyu: Romeo and Juliet V2 (LP):  2014 Winter Olympics and 2014 World Championships     … Continue reading

January 18, 2015 · 7 Comments

Yuzuru Hanyu: Commercials: Japanese Red Cross – Love In Action

This is by far, the BEST commercial that Yuzuru has done!!  The song in the commercial is  Believe” (written as ビリーヴ in Japanese) by GReeeeN.  It’s got such a catchy tune even … Continue reading

January 17, 2015 · 1 Comment

Yuzuru Hanyu: Commercials: Xylitol White

Xylitol White – How do I put this mildly?  The costume designer for this commercial should be fired! This gives the term “wardrobe malfunction” a whole new meaning!  The commercial … Continue reading

January 17, 2015 · 2 Comments

Yuzuru Hanyu: Commercials: Amino Vital

Amino Vital:  Athletes often endorse sports nutritional products, and Yuzuru is no exception.  There are so many different brands of nutrition supplements out there on the market that it is … Continue reading

January 14, 2015 · 3 Comments

Yuzuru Hanyu: Commercials: Nintendo Monster Hunter 4G

Nintendo Monster Hunter 4G – everyone knows that Yuzu is a huge fan of video games and is therefore a perfect fit for this product!!  He was like a kid … Continue reading

January 11, 2015 · Leave a comment

Yuzuru Hanyu: Commericals: Ghana Chocolate

If Yuzuru was popular before, after winning the Olympic Gold Medal, you haven’t seen anything yet!!!  YUZU-MANIA has started!!!  Of course, he is every marketers dream….good looks, charming yet humble, … Continue reading

January 10, 2015 · 2 Comments
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