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Yuzuru Hanyu: Yuzu’s Moves

So there are some skating moves that I have come to identify as “Yuzu’s moves”.  Yuzuru may not have invented these moves, but in my mind, they are uniquely his because he does them so well.   It was not long ago that Yuzu looked up to the likes of Evgeny Plushenko and Daisuke Takahashi in great admiration.  Now, Yuzu has become a great role model for the next generation of skaters.  The adorable part about this – now we see many younger skaters copying these “Yuzu moves” and also his program ending poses as well.  When you see the young skaters perform these moves and poses, you can’t help but think of the influence Yuzu has had on them.

The Pistol Pose


This signature move won the hearts of many fans when Yuzu debuted his Parisian Walkways program!! However, Yuzuru did not invent this move. It was choreographed into his Parisian Walkways short program by Jeffrey Buttle who actually performed the move himself a number of years ago in one of his own exhibition programs. Unfortunately, I do not have a link to Jeff’s program where he did the move but i have seen it, and I wish I would have tagged it.  If i find it again, I will update this post with the link.

This move was dubbed the “Pistol Pose” by students at a high school Yuzu visited after his win in Sochi. When Yuzu surprised the students by showing up at their school, the students were very excited, and they got to ask him questions. One of the questions from a young girl was if he could do the “Pistol Pose” for them.  At first Yuzu wasn’t quite sure which pose she was talking about, and looked bewildered.  But he figured it out and did the pose in his jeans.  The reaction was priceless; girls squealing with delight, enough so that poor embarassed Yuzu had to tell them to calm down.  Such an effect he has on his fans.

To me, this move is very uniquely Yuzu.  Here is the link to the video where Yuzu visits the school.  Thanks to panda_wei who put english subtitles in it!!  The school visit is around the 16:30 mark of the video.時間tv-羽生結弦part-中-英字幕付き_sport


The Biellmann Spin

This spin was popularized by Swiss skater, Denise Biellmann in the late 70’s.  The definition of a Biellmann is “the level of the boot passes the head so that the boot is above and behind or over the head”.  There are different variations of the spin, but as long as the boot is above or behind the head, it is considered a Biellmann.

While the Biellmann spin is very popular among the female skaters, there are only a few men who perform this type of spin currently (Yuzuru Hanyu, Michael Christian Martinez, Denis Ten and some of the younger men).  Due to Yuzu’s extreme flexibility, he is able to perform this spin position beautifully, and the point values of his spins can be increased by spinning in this position.  However we have seen this season, some instances where Yuzu has chosen not to perform the Biellmann spin due to his back pain issues.

Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan performs during his men's free skating program at the ISU Bompard Trophy event at Bercy in Paris   IMG_9948

Ina Bauer

This move was named after a German figure skater, Ina Bauer.  The position of the feet on the ice is what defines the Bauer. The basic Bauer is done with the blades parallel and the toes of each foot are pointed in opposite directions. The trailing leg is always on an inside edge.  In this skating move, the front leg is bent, and the back leg is kept straight.  A skater can perform an inside edge Ina Bauer or an outside edge Ina Bauer.  The outside edge Ina Bauer is more difficult.  Performing this move as an entrance or a connecting move to a jump adds difficulty, therefore a skater performing the Ina Bauer in this way can be awarded more points for the overall jump execution.

The original Ina Bauer move did not include the layback position of the head (hence the term Layback Ina Bauer).  This modification of the Ina Bauer was popularized by Shizuka Arakawa who, like Yuzu, is also from Sendai, Japan.  Shizuka became the first female figure skater Olympic Gold Medalist from Japan, when she won in 2006 (Turin, Italy).  In Japan, the layback Ina Bauer is known as the “Arakawa way”.  When Yuzu was younger, he was very excited to show Shizuka how he could also do the Ina Bauer just like she did.


IMG_4748 Ina more


Hydroblading was popularized in the early 1990s by the Canadian Ice Dance team of Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz.   It is a move that we don’t usually see during a competition program.  It is just a fun unique move that Yuzu incorporates into some of his exhibition numbers and is a crowd pleaser!

hydro 2   hydro 1


These are just a few special moves that I really associate with Yuzu.  He has a style all his own, and I’m sure we will see new signature moves from Yuzu as he continues to develop and grow as a skater along the way to Pyeongchang, 2018!!

** A special shout out to Yuzu to Get Well Soon!!  I hope the new ankle sprain isn’t too serious especially since it’s not his first one.  Hoping this isn’t already a chronic issue.  It seems that every World Championships since 2012, he has been skating injured.

Stay tuned….


14 comments on “Yuzuru Hanyu: Yuzu’s Moves

  1. Proud Saskie
    February 15, 2015

    Why doesn’t he do hyrdoblading during competition?


  2. sportymags
    February 15, 2015

    There are no technical marks awarded for hydroblading so while it is a fan favorite, unless it really enhances the choreography of a program, i dont think we would see it during a competitive routine.


    • Julianne
      December 2, 2016

      😀 Hehe just saw this article, but he did it in his 2016 NHK final (I forgot SP or FS…I think both?)


      • sportymags
        December 2, 2016

        Yup since I posted this in Feb 2015 we got to see the hydro blade in Seimei and now in Hope and Legacy (along with his gala programs). Yes, he does it in the LP this season. It gets included in PCS score but isn’t a technical element. Glad he keeps it in his programs though!!!


  3. Jay
    March 4, 2015

    Want do you think about his speed eagle into triple axel? Could that be a signature move? The only move I dislike is when he put his skates over his head and it happens to be at the end of both of his programs this season. Thank you


    • sportymags
      March 5, 2015

      Thanks for the comment Jay! Good point, the spread eagle into the triple axel followed by spread eagle after landing was uniquely Yuzu however I didnt see it enough this season for it to stick in my mind. If he keeps doing it in future programs as part of the choreography as well, then I would probably add it as one of his signature moves. 😊.


      • Henni147
        August 26, 2017

        He does it and he does it beautifly, can’t remember him to pop that jumping pass in competition. That’s why I’m really sure: if there is a skater to ever land a 4A in competition, it’s Yuzuru Hanyu (and bamms! we would have another signature jump besides the 4Lo 😂)
        The number of Yuzuru’s signature moves is remarkable (Pistol, Ina, Biellmann, Doughnut, Hydroblading, SE-3A-SE, 4Lo…). Never noticed that before. Actually we shouldn’t talk about single moves but a signature skater as a full package.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Shing Chak
      October 23, 2016

      Does anyone know what the spin/move is called? I can’t seem to find it on google


      • sportymags
        October 23, 2016

        Which spin are you referring to? Yuzu does many different spins all with different variations.


  4. wmkoda
    March 19, 2015

    Reblogged this on wmkoda.


  5. abbyho99
    January 5, 2017

    How about adding the doughnut spin?? It’s becomin one of his trademark moves 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    • sportymags
      January 5, 2017

      If/when I do an follow up to that post, I will be sure to add it. Thanks for the suggestion. 😊


  6. Ewa
    February 20, 2017

    Very good and informing article, nice to see something so well organized and clear 🙂 Yuzu did great job at the 4CC and now he needs to both rest and practice 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Rebecca
    February 22, 2017

    Such an informative article, I’d known has Yuzu felt before-hand but watching that video you linked showed very clearly how awful he felt especially considering he normally a very upbeat and cheerful person.

    Liked by 1 person

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