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Nam Nguyen: Ready for Worlds

This morning, I spoke to Nam on a press call about his preparation leading up to Worlds next week.

In between Canadians and 4CC, Nam was very ill and thus it severely affected his training time and results at 4CC. After the high of Canadians, he had a bit of a physical crash and was super sick. However since then, Nam said that his training has been very good and for the past couple weeks, he has had strong run throughs of his programs. He is mentally and physically ready to go.

I asked Nam what his goals for this Worlds were, and he replied, “I joke around with friends and say my goal is just to make it past the short!” referring to last years worlds results. This brought out a small chuckle from me as it was nice that he was able to joke and be comfortable about the past.

Nam then went on to say he wanted to skate 2 solid/strong programs and to finish in the top 10. He wants to keep the momentum he has been building going, and keep his positive mind frame, Good goals for a skater who has just reclaimed his National title!

When asked further about his top 10 goal, Nam replied that results were not his priority, they never were but he believes in his skills and if he skates a solid short and long program, the results will he there. He is focusing on things he can control.

I wish Nam the best of luck and really want him to crack the top 10 for himself and for Canada!!!!


Photo source:  namnamnoodle instagram

Go Nam Go!!


and as always, Go Yuzu Go!!!  Doki Doki!!



One comment on “Nam Nguyen: Ready for Worlds

  1. Irina Niculiu
    March 15, 2019

    Best of luck Nam Nguyen!

    Liked by 1 person

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