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Yuzuru Hanyu: Competition Costumes Part 2

With all of the one year Olympic Anniversary posts on the internet, I figured it was time to do an update on a blog entry I did about 4 years ago about Yuzu’s competition costumes.  Each off season we all wonder what Yuzu will bring to the table the next season; what music choices he will make and of course what new costumes!!  While I am not the fashion police, I have my own personal thoughts and preferences about Yuzu’s costumes so here is a rundown on the last 4 seasons.

2018-2019:  SP Otonal and LP Origin

I have mentioned this before in my previous posts that I was a bit underwhelmed at the reveal of the blue Otonal costume at ACI.  The initial costume was lighter (it did not have the darker blue highlights that were added after ACI).  My personal take is that the bodice is cut too short and for me personally, it detracts from his long, lean beautiful look.  I am not big on the fluffy details at the neck line or the peplum look at the bottom.  Baby blue is ok, but I prefer strong, vivid colours for Yuzu since he is a “Winter” and is already striking to look at, so I want his costumes to match.  The design and sparkle of the bling is beautiful, but this costume was a bit of a miss for me.  I get that the colour goes with the music but we have seen a blue outfit for 3 versions of Chopin, so I was hoping for something non-blue.  I would give this outfit a C+.

The initial reveal for Origin was better.  The design and cut of the costume were much better suited for Yuzu’s lean body.  The black with gold accents are very intricate and beautiful.  Yuzu definitely cannot go wrong with black.  Of course the slick back hair style adds a bit of “cool’ to the look.  I could do without the feathers but since they are just accents and not overdone, it’s all good.  Yuzu came back with the asymmetrical line along the bottom (consistent with his choices throughout the years) and it works well for him.  This outfit ranks a A- with me.

Otonal Origin


2017-2018:  SP Chopin 3.0 and LP Seimei 2.0

To be honest I was a bit disappointed when it was announced that Yuzu was going back to Chopin again.  For Yuzu and the Olympic year, it turned out to be an amazing decision for Yuzu given the circumstances but for me, the Yuzu fan, it was one less new and unique masterpiece (both in terms of program and costume).  As we all know, there are a finite number of new Yuzu competition programs left, so the greedy me wanted a new short program.  But as it helped Yuzu win the Olympic gold, I’m good with it.  As for the costume itself, Yuzu always finds a way to make what is old, NEW again.  I am happy he took the gold panel out of the sides and sleeves and managed to incorporate “gold” into the costume in a subtle yet exquisite detail in the collar.  I love that Yuzu kept his signature waistband!!  And of course, it’s gold.  I give this outfit an A-.

As for Seimei, what can I say here.  When I first saw Seimei 2.0 costume live at ACI, I simple fell in LOVE!!!  I have documented my thoughts on both Seimei costumes earlier in my blog but basically, version 2.0 was truly a masterpiece, simply perfect for the Olympics!  I could not have asked for anything better!  The previous Seimei design was fined tuned, the white colour became vibrant, and the outfit is now simply historic!  Everything I didn’t like about the original Seimei was corrected (small things like the shade of white and the over detailing of the swirls).  It was as if Yuzu read my mind.  I remember when this outfit was first debuted at an ice show and it looked a bit like Buzz Lightyear being green and purple, but it evolved into brilliance.  Love the gold band waist as usual.  This costume is an A+++++ (max +5.0 GOE).

Chopin Seimei


2016-2017:  SP Let’s Go Crazy and LP Hope and Legacy

The moment Yuzu came out at ACI, and I looked down and saw white pants, it was one of those wide eyed moments and I remember the feeling of shock.  The words out of my mouth were “Good lord, it’s white!”.  After the shock of the white pants, I then noticed the slicked back hair style and wow this was going to be a FUN Yuzu!!  When Yuzu proceeded to take his warmup jacket off, the audience was blown away.  People later complained that they couldn’t see Yuzu’s body lines against the white ice on tv, however, in person the white outfit was stunningly beautiful.  After 2 events, we saw Yuzu change it to purple/lavender and I recall my thoughts vividly.  I thought Yuzu looked like a purple easter bunny.  I wish he would have stayed with the white as I give the white costume an A and I give the purple costume a B.

Hope and Legacy.  This costume choice was a bit safe.  It was simply too familiar to Etude and also like Notre-Dame de Paris in the design and material, however this time, Hope and Legacy had matching gloves.  Yuzu definitely has a flare for the ruffle on his left shoulder.  I actually don’t mind that accent piece as it dresses up the costume just enough without being frilly.  I will never complain when Yuzu stays with black bottoms.  I give the Hope and Legacy outfit a B+, maybe an A- depending on the day you ask me.

white bunny hope


2015-2016: SP Chopin 2.0 and LP Seimei 1.0

Chopin 2.0: I remember sitting in the stands watching Yuzu take off his jacket through my camera lens and thinking “oh, it’s the same” but then I noticed the gold patch on the sides and arms.  The Chopin 2.0 costume was just ok for me, nothing special.  It was like Yuzu wanted it to be something it wasn’t yet, not quite at it’s full potential (of course I am saying that after we saw what Chopin became in version 3.0).  The gold panels were a miss for me.  I will always love Yuzu’s waistbands and this season he changed it from black (Chopin 1.0) to the gold.  I rate this costume a B-.

Seimei:  I wrote my thoughts about the Seimei 1.0 outfit in a different post when it debuted at ACI and my impressions still remain the same after all this time.  Under certain lights, the white seemed a bit on the yellow side (not vibrant) and all of the detailing was a bit busy.  Don’t get me wrong, I liked the Seimei outfit, definitely!!  At the time, I was comparing it to the version Yuzu wore at the ice show so I preferred the simpler ice show version.  But, from what I recall, Yuzu said that the original material was too heavy and hot to be used in competition.  I gave this costume an A-.

chopin seimei original


So, from all of the competition costumes Yuzu has ever worn, here are my top 5:

  1. Seimei 2.0
  2. Parisian Walkways 2.0
  3. Romeo & Juliet 1.0
  4. Lets Go Crazy 1.0 (white)
  5. Etude
  • Phantom of the Opera 1.0 (red/black) – Honorable Mention


How many more new costumes will we get to see??  As Yuzu has stated, his intention is to compete next season, hopefully we see at least 2 more new costumes and after that, everything else is gravy.

What do I want to see in the future?  Well, I’ve made no secret that I would love Yuzu to do a serious rock/heavy metal beat program (Let’s Go Crazy does not count as rock and roll for me).  Hey if Reynolds and Brezina can do AC/DC and Metallica, why can’t Yuzu??  Yuzu is so good with strong notes/beats in music that I want him to get out of the same old “soft” programs.  We know he is very lyrical, now let’s set him free to be wild and crazy and see what he comes up with!!  I want to see the true power of Yuzu with music to match!  We have already seen Yuzu go from Boobskirt to simply Regal (and a lot in between), so now I would love to see him go from frills and feathers to jeans and a t-shirt (white or black).  He’s already done the jeans/t-shirt combo in some of his older ice shows, so let’s see it when it counts!  Something so simple would be so powerful and FUN, no it would be EPIC!!!


Here was my post from 4 years ago:


Go Yuzu Go!!!  Doki Doki!!



6 comments on “Yuzuru Hanyu: Competition Costumes Part 2

  1. MarseilleLady
    February 18, 2019

    Thanks for your fantastic blog post, as usual! Concerning the Otonal costume, I too would have preferred something other than blue, and I agree that the top is too frilly and too short. The meaning of the title is “Autumnal” in English, so for me the colors should have been in the yellow/red/brown warm spectrum. I think that would have come closer to conveying the warmth of reminiscing and remembering in the fall of the year, rather than the cold blue of winter. But that’s just my opinion! Thanks again! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kvey
    February 19, 2019

    🙂 With Otonal, the blue reminds me a lot of winter, not autumn, which is the English translation. Maybe tone down on the ruffles a bit? Also, just a suggestion/request, could you maybe do a post on Yuzu’s ex costumes?

    Liked by 1 person

    • sportymags
      February 19, 2019

      Yes, I will definitely do an ex costumes summary soon!! Thanks for the suggestion!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Kvey
        February 20, 2019

        yayayayayay!!!!! tysm skkskd

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Henni147
    February 26, 2019

    “Yes, I will definitely do an ex costumes summary soon!! Thanks for the suggestion!!”
    >> I’m curious about the marks for ‘Dory’ and ‘Sakura Fairy’ 😂

    My secret dream SP is Will Smith’s “Men in Black” 😎
    Yuzu in a simple black suit, white shirt and black tie (plus sunglasses for the EX encore of course).

    I can see the entire choreo unfold in front of me:
    “Walk in shadow, move in silence, guard against extra terrestrial violence” —>
    Yuzu doing backward crossrolls, forward toe steps, pistol…

    “Let me see ya just sliiiiiide with me, just sliiiiiiiide with me” —>
    …super hyper deep strokes forwards… and backwards… and other way round with that irresistible naughty smile…

    And freeze frame spread eagle into whatever jump:

    Liked by 1 person

    • sportymags
      February 26, 2019

      Dory was ice show costume…not competition Ex costume…so thats another post!! Haha…ya I started thinking about this…and the marks…well, be prepared!!! 😊😉


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