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Alex Ovechkin: A Cup and a Baby!!

It took Ovie 13 years.  But, he finally did it!!!

For me, it’s also been a long journey.  I started following Ovie when he was first listed on Central Scouting and was lighting up the scoresheet at World Juniors.  I’ve gone through every playoff round loss with him, surviving all of the friendly jabs my hockey buddies have thrown at me for being an Ovie fan.  Finally, I shared the screaming and tears with him last night as he got to hoist the Cup!!


When the Caps had a date with the Penguins again this year, the yearly dread filled my thoughts.  I crossed my fingers and toes that there would not be yet another 2nd round playoff exit.  This year was going to be different!!  Then, after taking down the Pens, it felt like it was THE YEAR!!  After getting past that hurdle, nothing was going to stop Ovie!!

Last night was a nail biter.  The Knights just wouldn’t go away.  With 1:49 left in the 3rd period, the time clock froze.  Staring at the screen, it was stuck on 14.9 seconds which was obviously not correct.  Play went on and no one had any idea how much time was left in the game.  It came back with 52 seconds!  Oh, the drama and stress of screaming at the tv!!

When it was all over, it was an amazing sense of relief and tears of joy!!  Watching Ovie celebrate you couldn’t help but smile through tears seeing how happy he was.  When it was time to present the Conn Smythe trophy, it was a close call between Ovie and Kuzy (Kuznetsov) but my vote was for Ovie!!

Along with the usual boos for Bettman, Ovie won his first Conn Smythe!!  But, with how quickly he set aside the Conn Smythe, you could see that Ovie wanted to get to the real prize!


Then the moment came!  The most anticipated moment of Ovie’s career.  His joy was infectious!!  The screaming and cheering as he approached Bettman was priceless!!



A bit of trivia:  Ovie’s name gets put on the cup the same year that Rocket Richards’ name gets taken off (they have to remove a ring to make way for a new ring).  It’s kind of fitting.


And more exciting news!!!  Ovie’s expecting a BABY!!!!  Baby Ovie!!  Many fans on twitter want him to name the kid Stanley if it’s a boy, too funny!!  PS:  I hope it’s a boy!!

Go Ovie Go!!!



2 comments on “Alex Ovechkin: A Cup and a Baby!!

  1. MarseilleLady
    June 20, 2018

    Hello SportyMags!
    Thank you for this great article!

    My comment isn’t actually about this article, but about a recently posted YouTube video I found of Yuzuru Hanyu. Have you seen this? It is mesmerizing, breathtaking, unforgettable …

    You probably have already seen it, but for other fans who have not, please don’t miss it!

    Thank you, SportyMags!

    Liked by 1 person

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