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Yuzuru Hanyu: Transforming the way Ice Shows are done

I have been to many ice shows, both in the distant past and some more recently.  Most of the ones I have attended have been in North America, but I was lucky enough to also go and see Fantasy on Ice once in Japan as well.  All of them were good.  Good, in the sense that the great list of skaters on the roster all came out and skated wonderfully, and there was a regular opening and closing number that included the entire cast.  Ice shows are a pretty standard show all around, and for me, getting a bit boring.

I prefer watching the competitive skating events more than ice shows because I am a very competitive person by nature.  I like watching skaters putting out their best efforts, seeing their highest degrees of technical difficulties and the drama that sometimes accompanies a competition.  It’s exciting!  While I may not always agree with the judges, I also like the Kiss and Cry moments while waiting patiently for marks to be announced.  Ice shows on the other hand are a no pressure, more entertainment based event, but the program/recipe has not changed as far as I have been watching skating.

Fast forward to Continue…..With Wings (CWW).  A show imagined by Yuzu, designed by Yuzu, and produced by Yuzu.  In all fairness, this show was going to be fabulous even if Yuzu just stuck to the same old menu of an ice show, but this is Yuzu, and he never does anything half way.  Yuzu’s attention to detail is the stuff of legends, but he also brought it to this show.  He really put a lot of thought and TLC into this show!!


With the competitive men’s event, Yuzu has transformed the sport over the years, taking it to new heights both technically and artistically.  Now, given the opportunity to take figure skating one step further, Yuzu has now transformed the production of an ice show.  Yuzu planned an event that fans will be talking about for years.  He wanted to make it different, and special.  It was no longer just 2 halves with a nice opening and closing number that involved all skaters.  Without making the show into an Ice Capades, or a Carnival type show, Yuzu told a story, his story.

While CWW was a celebration of all of the people that helped shape Yuzu into the athlete he is today, Yuzu took what could have been an regular ice show program and added some wonderful segments that truly brought the show to life!!  It was simple, yet so impactful.  He inserted a new element of creativity to it, and while he has an advantage of being the show’s highlight itself, Yuzu didn’t rest on his laurels.  I’m not saying that the additional individual segments have never been done before, however, the way Yuzu put the entire show together told his personal story in a way I have not seen before.

Yuzu has a firm understanding of what fans want from him.  Initially, it was reported that Yuzu was not going to skate during CWW due to his on-going injury recuperation.  Despite the potential of Yuzu not even skating in the show at all, and just being there to perform interviews with skaters, the shows still sold out immediately.

Yuzu surprised everyone by actually putting on his skates and performing moments from his iconic programs (minus the jumps).  During the three CWW shows, Yuzu provided insight into his private thoughts and emotions.  His live interaction with the audience was genuine and heart felt.  His command over an audience is truly something to behold.  I haven’t seen anything like it.



There were so many new and interesting special show segments that Yuzu added to CWW such as:

Yuzu added a sideline Q&A session with some cute kids who were aspiring to become skaters.  He also answered some questions from fans that were posted on Twitter.


Before each program he skated, Yuzu gave insight and commentary into his past programs and why each program was an integral part of his career.  Having a skater talk about their program(s) before/after they have skated it, is a really cool concept.  I think that more skaters should do this.  Fans are invested in their favourites and as a fan, I love this added element of insight.  At one point, Yuzu even had an impromtu Q&A with the audience about himself!


Yuzu added a fun, “technical” session with Takahito Mura and Minoru Sano (Japan’s first ever World medalist who hadn’t skated in 22 years but went out and skated for Yuzu).  Yuzu asked Mura, who was a great sport for doing this, to demo some of his signature moves.  I think it helped people realize how hard some of the things that Yuzu does, are.



Due to overwhelming demand, CWW was also live streamed into 66 theatres nationwide in Japan.  This idea definitely would not work in North America, but then again, the shows like Stars on Ice (in North America) don’t even have much of an international flavour over here, so that alone is one of the issues with ice shows where I live.

Yuzu didn’t let geography or scheduling conflicts get in his way of having Javi participate in his show.  Name one show that has had a top rated skater perform live from half way around the world (in Spain) and be broadcast into the arena, complete with small interview at the end of the skate?  A special mention to Yuzu’s ability to have 9,000 people simultaneously sing Happy Birthday to Javi as well.  Did I mention Yuzu’s special command of an audience?

Yuzu’s one on one interviews with the guest skaters and choreographers was a special touch.  Of course, Jeff and Shae-Lyne are revered in Japan, and it is wonderful that they both skated as well.



Not one show of the three CWW dates were the same!  Yuzu performed different programs for each show, and the content for each segment (the kids Q&A, Mura’s technical demo) was different for each show.  I love the unique scripting for each show.  The only downside to this is that now fans will be clamouring to go to every rendition of every show.  Like Yuzu needed to create more demand, NOT!  Now, it is not enough just to attend a show with Yuzu anymore, you now will have to see all of them to see each of his different performances.  Yuzu-mania will reach new heights.

Not many skaters can say that they would fit comfortably into costumes that they wore 7 or 8 years earlier.  Thank goodness for lycra!  The tributes Yuzu made to his older programs, and wearing the original costumes were a very unique touch, although, I have to admit that seeing an older Yuzu wearing the Etude, R&J, and Zig costumes were a bit mind bending for me.  While everything still fit (I assume they had to let out some of the seams), each of those programs and costumes were a special image in my mind and represented a specific point in time.  Seeing a 23 year old Yuzu in them was a bit perplexing to me (not in a bad way, just in a scratch my head way).  I actually preferred the original image in my head, but this idea was still pretty darn cool and not something many can do.  Yuzu still knew (or refreshed himself through video) all of his old choreography and it was amazing to watch.

The most unique thing about all of the programs that Yuzu performed, was that high flying Yuzu did not really attempt a single jump over the 3 day period.  Sure, there was the odd hop here and there within his footwork, but true to his conviction of proper rest and rehab, Yuzu stayed grounded on the ice.  Yet, his performances were still breath taking!  It takes a very special skater to enthral an audience this way.


The concept of this show, to showcase Yuzu’s life in programs and his supporting cast was exceptional.  Every guest skater was hand picked by Yuzu for their impact on his skating life.  The personal touch with each skater was innovative and special.  It was achieved without making the show over the top.  It was simple, powerful, and a brilliant concept from start to finish.  I wish I could have seen even one of the shows in person.

Yes this was Yuzu’s event and about Yuzu’s life which basically guaranteed it’s success, but maybe ice show producers can take something away from this, a fresh new look, fresh new ideas.  



Next up – Yuzu’s victory parade in Sendai!! 

Go Yuzu Go!!!  Doki Doki!!






19 comments on “Yuzuru Hanyu: Transforming the way Ice Shows are done

  1. Haley
    April 17, 2018

    CWW is like a concert of our rock star Yuzu. The best part is Yuzu skating his previous programs and fans appreciated that. I watched the video “from Russia with love” of the 9-year old Yuzu on Youtube many times, and I cried when I saw the video that Yuzu skated it again.

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  2. Kwan Yow
    April 17, 2018

    When Yuzu skated his program when he competed as a kid and won, it nearly brought years to my eyes and yet I was grinning from ear to ear!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nina
    April 17, 2018

    Thank you for your report on Yuzuru’show Continue with wings. Many fans outside Japan watch it by streaming with Figi tv or NHK. Yes I like the concept of the show. It gives the audience what they want to look for. They want to see Yuzuru living his skating life, with his friends skaters, with the audience, the fans. We travel to other continents, other countries to see Yuzuru skate in competitions, even that will give us only to see him during the time of practice and 2 programs SP and FP, plus the Exhibition. At the show, they can see Yuzuru non stop for 3 hours, hear him talking, interview other skaters. It is really a bargain for the fans.

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  4. Henni147
    April 18, 2018

    This show was brilliant from start to finish. The best thing about it (as you said it above): It had a concept, a storyline. It was a time travel through Yuzu’s skating career from a young novice to a mature senior. Everyone, who had become a fan of him recently (like me in 2017), now had the chance to catch up with Yuzu’s skating history in a single TV show.

    #Sidenote: I had to smile that he could finally “fill” his old costumes with his more muscular body (especially the pink one from Zigeunerweisen) 😂 Loved it!

    Yuzu proved that single skating can be touching and entertaining without any jumps, as long as the programme offers enough other high quality content. I don’t think that many other skaters in the current singles’ field could sell jump-free-programmes the way Yuzu did this weekend. Fantastic stuff! 👍😊

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    • Yuting Huang
      April 19, 2018

      Hello! I have the same feeling with you that it looks so great as Yuzu can finally fill his old costumes with a more muscular body. When he performed the old programs, it is a miracle for me because I didn’t watch them in the past and I thought I would never watched the programs live but the show just made it come true!! I also wrote some articles about Yuzu, welcome to come to my website and read them, I will appreciate that very much if you are interested in it.

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  5. Елица (@Eli500Green)
    April 18, 2018

    I am still so amazed at how his programmes were so amazing, full of content and interesting to watch even with all the jumps removed!

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  6. Yuzurist-Japan
    April 18, 2018

    I failed to get a ticket for this special skate show, so I only saw a part of it on TV. It was very moving. I hope he will organize the same kind of shows in future for those who missed them!
    By the way, I will go to Sendai to see Yuzu’s victory parade this coming weekend. Are you coming too?

    Liked by 1 person

    • sportymags
      April 18, 2018

      Oh lucky you!! Have a great time! No I will not be able to go to the parade, it’s a bit too far for me. Hopefully someone will post a video so I can watch some of it. ❤️


  7. Yuzurist-Japan
    April 19, 2018

    Hello again! I just checked the internet, the parade will be broadcasted live by NHK (National television) in Sendai, from 1:05 to 1:50 PM Japan time. Do you think you can watch it? I learned from this blog that some foreign fans watched the CWW on internet or TV?
    Additional information: Yuzuru’s special exposition is organized by big department store chain here. The expo goes to some cities in Japan. Now it is in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Some of his costumes and medals are displayed with his photos. People are crazy about buying Yuzu goods like little Yuzu dolls, postcards, etc. Sorry you are so far away in Canada! See the link below.

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    • sportymags
      April 19, 2018

      Hi!! There are a couple of youtube links that might stream the parade so I will try to watch it, if available where I am.

      Did you go to the department store?? I heard about crazy lineups and things being sold out very quickly!!


  8. Yuzurist-Japan
    May 10, 2018

    I’m sorry for the late reply! I am planning to see the above Yuzu exposition in Yokohama in August. I hope I can get Yuzu-cupie dolls. They are sooo cute, so even a non-Yuzu fan friend of mine asked me to buy them for him.
    Did you hear that Yuzuru will attend all the FaOI shows here? It surprised us! I hope he will not hurt his ankle again…. I managed to get a ticket in Niigata show.

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  9. MarseilleLady
    May 17, 2018

    Dear Sportymags,
    Thank you for your fantastic blog! I love your articles, your enthusiasm, your writing style, and your attention to details about Yuzu and his performances! There is so much I wouldn’t know about Yuzu if I didn’t read your blog! So thanks once again!

    I loved your description of “Continue … With Wings”. Can you please tell me — Is that the translation into English of the show’s name, or was the name in English?

    Also, is the first show that Yuzu directed? And how did it come about that he was asked to direct these three shows? Did he have help in organizing and directing them?

    I love the part about Javi performing live in Yuzu’s show, broadcast from Spain! That is so special! I saw a youtube video made about Javi in which Yuzu said that he really owes everything he won to Javi, because Javi helped him manage his stress. It was so touching! I just LOVE their friendship. Do you know if Javi has decided whether or not to “retire”? Also, did Javi appear in only one of Yuzu’s CWW shows?
    Thank you in advance for answering these questions — I do appreciate it! And thanks again for your wonderful blog!

    Liked by 2 people

    • sportymags
      May 17, 2018

      HI: Thank you so much for reading!!

      I believe the title “Continues…With Wings” was a literal translation. In English, starting with the word Continues actually sounds a bit off for a title.

      This is the first show directed by Yuzu, his own concept. I believe he was involved in all aspects of the show and the concept was imagined by him to showcase his career and thank those who have inspired and supported him throughout, including the fans.

      As far as Javi’s competitive career, he has not officially retired. I believe he mentioned that he might still compete at Europeans but no other events.

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  10. ezzni
    July 14, 2018

    Hello! I’ve been a fan of Yuzuru only recently and reading this truly makes me feel more interested in literally everything he’d done in figure skating. You see, I needed an opinion on a huge painting i’m doing for my school project (i’m in my last year of highschool) about athletes or sports. I will be painting Yuzuru Hanyu but I fear that I lack information about him (compare to his true fans). I would like to ask, which of the costumes that he had wear before that would you prefer?

    feel free to tell me more about him in the reply and what’s his signature move

    p.s: English is not my first language, i apologise if there’s any mistake.

    Liked by 1 person

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