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Shohei Ohtani: A Home Run Start!

Springtime usually means Stanley Cup playoffs and tailgate parties!  Well, none of that for the Flames this season, sigh.  After a dismal end to this season (and it’s not even over yet), I opened up my Twitter feed yesterday after yet another Flames loss, and what I saw  on my timeline took the sting out of the Flames, yet again, missing the post season!!

After an unimpressive start during Spring Training, it looks like Shohei is starting to find his groove.  He got his first Major league base hit in his first at-bat over the weekend in Oakland, and he started making big headlines in his next 2 outings at home!

Can I get into Major League Baseball??  I dunno, that’s a tall order.  Usually I’m on board for the World Series but pay very little attention to the regular season.  Now, maybe I will keep a small eye on whats going on in the headlines, and it helps that California is close by, and all game day news is in English!


Shohei’s Pitching Debut – his first Major League win!

“Two hundred and forty members of the Japanese media packed into the Coliseum on Sunday afternoon for the occasion, while many more tuned in at 5:05 a.m. on Monday to watch the live broadcast back in Japan.

“Sho time!” Trout said.

Every time someone says “it’s Sho-time” or I see it as a hashtag, I think of Apollo Creed yelling “it’s Showtime, it’s Showtime!!” right before his famous fight with Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) on Rocky 4!!




Shohei’s first Major League Home Run!!


“Ohtani capped a six-run first inning by lifting a ball out to centre on a 2-2 pitch from Josh Tomlin.”

It was a 3-run homer!!

“Not only was this the Japanese star’s first Major League home run, but it came in his very first at-bat at the Angels’ home park — over the new and old right-field wall.”

The best part of the video in the Angels’ twitter link above is Shohei coming back to the dugout after running the bases, and getting the silent treatment from his teammates!!  It’s hilarious!!

“As is custom around MLB, his teammates treated him to another first upon his return to the dugout: the group silent treatment.”

“After players broke character and jumped around Ohtani to celebrate, Mike Trout pointed to the field and instructed Ohtani to take a curtain call.  It was a tradition Ohtani wasn’t familiar with.”


“The postgame dousing, however, Ohtani had seen on television.  Kole Calhoun snuck up behind Ohtani after the game as he was about to give a television interview and dumped ice water all over the 23-year-old.”



It looks like Shohei is starting to rewrite the record books already!!

“Ohtani is the first player to win as a starting pitcher, then start and homer as a non-pitcher in his next game in the same season since Babe Ruth in 1921, according to STATS LLC. He is also the first player with four hits, a home run and a win in his first six games since Boston’s Wes Ferrell in 1937, and the first rookie with at least three hits and a win in his first six games since Dutch Stryker of the 1924 Boston Braves.”





The story continued after the home run!   An Indians fan, Chris Incorvaia, who was at the game on a business trip ended up with the home run ball.  He gave the ball to a young boy, Matthew Gutierrez, who was an Angels fan.

“”I just waited and the ball landed right here in front of us,” Incorvaia told’s Maria Guardado. “I saw [Matthew] instantly in his Angels gear and I saw him with the glove out — he was trying to get the same ball I was — and [I thought to myself] he’s going to appreciate this ball much more than I am.”

Though he didn’t wind up with a piece of MLB history, Incorvaia doesn’t regret anything.

“And the Angels made sure he didn’t leave the park empty-handed: The Gutierrezes told the team what Incorvaia had done, and he was invited down to the clubhouse to meet Ohtani after the game.” 

Shohei got his baseball, and the kid got an autographed bat and signed jerseys for all!!



Go Shohei Go!!!

Go Yuzu Go!!!  Doki Doki!!



3 comments on “Shohei Ohtani: A Home Run Start!

  1. Olivia Chíp
    April 4, 2018

    Hello. I have a question not related to your post: 1, which sport do you like cause i see that you like figure skating and in this post it is baseball; 2, Do you read sport manga?, i don’t know much about sport but i do read sport manga, especially Adachi Mitsuru’s about baseball. If you think that is no need to answer, please feel free to delete my comment. And finally thank you for your posts, i just have known your web recently and i think your write really beautiful ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    • sportymags
      April 4, 2018

      HI there! Thank you for your comment!! My favorite sports are Figure Skating and Hockey. I competed as a figure skater and a varsity level volleyball player when I was younger.
      However, I am a bit of a sports fanatic, and enjoy many different types of sports, so you will see that I write about many different sports (skating, hockey, volleyball, and now baseball). Thank you so much for visiting my blog!!

      PS: I have never read sport manga. Not sure what that is….can you share a link of an example?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Pocca
        April 4, 2018

        I think by sport manga , basically a manga that focuses on sports. Like captain tsubasa (soccer) major! (Baseball) those 2 are one of my two fave sports anime

        Liked by 2 people

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