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PyeongChang 2018: Coolest Photos Part 2

So many incredible images are being generated on a daily basis that I could not wait more than a day to post another entry with cool shots!!

While Yuzu is my all time favourite skater, I do wish the best for Patrick and was happy he finally got his gold medal.  At the plushie ceremony, Patrick was so excited he jumped first before the rest of the team!!  At the medal ceremony, Patrick jumps up with everyone but falls off the podium (see gif below).

One significant improvement on the Canadian uniforms was the toque.  The pom pom on the top is way better than what the athletes had at Sochi (toque with racing stripe and no pom pom).


The look on Patricks face as he falls backwards is priceless!!


I wonder what lens it took to get this shot??  Fabulous!!  It’s not like Yuzu was standing still in this shot, he was in flight and when you hear the words “Fly Yuzu Fly”, it means literally that.  Yuzu flies across the ice.  Love Yuzu’s new black blades.



I try not to follow politics but I am super happy for the North Korean pairs team, such a great short program performance for them!!  The North Korean cheer team (top left) was quite the lasting Olympic image.  It’s too bad that they all left in a single file line after the North Korean skaters finished and didn’t stay for all the rest of the pairs (reported by Jackie Wong twitter).  Apparently they are heavily monitored by their handlers.


To capture this specific moment as Yuzu entered the press conference area, with the volunteer person in the front, what a perfect moment.  Lucky photographer who was in the perfect position too!



Thanks @mikipedia1010 for capturing this sweet moment.  Kaori cheering all by herself in Japans area for the team event!!  Love her enthusiasm, taking one for the team!!



Shawn White followed up his Gold medal win with posting this photo reflecting on his win.  A reflection on all the hard work it took to get there, and of a sport you love.  Super nice moment.



After everything they have been through, this moment after the short program was such a sweet moment for Sui/Han!


Pairs Final:

When I first saw this photo (screen grab), I just thought ok, it’s Yu, but then I realized that Zhang was also in the photo.  You have to look closely for him though.  Just a cool screen grab.


As I watched the pairs final, I got more and more angry each time I saw this STUPID thing!!  I HATE this camera and I hate how much the producers are using it!  While most of the shots are done during the spins, when you are in aerial view and the skaters are half way through a jump, and they cut to a different angle, they totally ruin the element.  I have half a mind to start an online petition for them to stop this!!!  Has anyone on the ISU ever actually watched this product on tv and seen how horrible this is???  Ok, rant over, until they spoil a piece of Yuzu’s program, then I’m going to lose it.



So, now the Pairs Final just finished and I am done drying my tears of happiness for Aliona.  I was gutted for Sui/Han as she looked so dejected when the scores were announced, and even more so when I saw Tarasova break down in tears.  Both were truly heart breaking!!  Now all the casual skating fans will understand why they call it the Kiss and Cry area.  In that moment she knew it was gone.


Watching Sui choke back tears when she was on the podium was tough too, but I don’t doubt for a second that Sui/Han will be going for gold in Beijing!!  Sad moments but she is so tough!



The most heart felt quote of the Olympics thus far has been uttered by Bruno Massot after the short program, “I don’t want her to go home with another bronze medal“.  Ugh, that just tugs at the heart strings!!  It was a bit ironic to have Robin Solkowy sitting in the Kiss and Cry with Tarasova/Morozov waiting to see if Aliona would finally get her gold medal.  Bruno’s bow to Aliona was PERFECT!!



I wish I had a photo of Bruno lifting Aliona onto the top of the podium.  Hopefully someone will post one by tomorrow and I will be able to add it to my Olympic Photos Part 3 post.  Until then here is a quick video of it:

Congratulations to all the pairs teams!!  That was such a thrilling event to watch!!

Now we turn our attention to the mens event.  4 years of waiting, 4 years of the joy, the tears, the pain, and the thrill of it all watching Yuzu cement his legendary status.  It comes down to the next 48 hours!

Go Yuzu Go!!!  Doki Doki!!




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