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Yuzuru Hanyu: Skaters in Yuzu’s Story

In my last blog entry, I reviewed the 100, 200, and 300 point plateaus which Yuzu has recently obliterated.  Here I wanted to take a look at the skaters that have been prominent thus far during Yuzu’s career.

While Yuzu’s legend and legacy are still being written, here is my view of the skaters that have defined periods during Yuzu’s career.  Each of them are very important pieces in Yuzu’s story.  Aside from Yuzu’s own internal motivation and desire to push the limits of the sport forward, these skaters have also motivated and driven Yuzu forward, faster than anyone could have imagined.  Yuzu has always looked up to Plushenko as his idol, but apart from Sochi (team event), Yuzu has never competed against Plushy in an individual event so I did not include Plushy.  Also a special mention to Tatsuki Machida who competed against Yuzu and whom I like as a skater but did not include here.

Throughout his career thus far, Yuzu has gone up against a few formidable competitors. Yuzu has stood on the World podium together with all of the skaters in this post, across the generations with the exception of Nathan who has not reached the World podium yet.

Yuzu chart


How rare is it to get all of these guys in one photo.   A priceless photo!


Photo source: unknown


Yuzu and the Uncles:

Daisuke, Patrick and Javi are considered “uncles” of the sport since they are a part of an older generation of skater.  Sorry to say that 26 is considered “old”.   Each of the “uncles” have had great careers in their own right.

Yuzu and uncles

Yuzu vs Daisuke

The Yuzu vs Daisuke period in time is very polarizing.  As I learn more about the fan bases of each skater and the animosity between them, I am shocked at the lengths some fans will go to in order to cause drama; drama that is amongst the fan bases, not the skaters themselves who all have a mutual respect for their fellow competitors.

Daisuke fans are Daisuke fans, and Yuzu fans are Yuzu fans.  Never shall the two of them meet and like each other.  I get it.  These two are very different skaters, each with their own styles and talents.  The Yuzu/Daisuke fan war stories I have heard are very shocking because I would never have thought this type of fan behaviour existed in figure skating (petitions to have skaters banned, con games, lies etc).  When something negative is said about one skater or the other, fans go on the offensive and it has become a fan war that is not always so friendly.

Is this any different than a Flames fan vs an Oilers fan?  For someone who has lived in both the figure skating and hockey world, I can say is it different.  While hockey is a contact sport, and the fan bases can be very opinionated and boisterous, people generally don’t take comments personally (of course, there are always exceptions).  In hockey, one would never be caught dead wearing the jersey of the other team, unless you have lost a bet.  There is usually friendly bickering amongst fans of both teams, in and out of the arena.

While there is also some nasty trash talk as well, most fans realize this is just a sport to be enjoyed by all, and part of the fun is the friendly competitive banter between fans. Even if some trash talk is thrown my way or someone says something bad about my favourite player, I just laugh (if it’s a good slam), and dish it back the best I can.  How many times have I taken heat for liking Ovie and Johnny when they don’t perform up to expectations.  And, how often have I thrown a jab at my boss bugging him for cheering for the Leafs, ugh, and had to take the jab back when my guys were defeated.  This is why I love sports, it’s fun!  I can also appreciate that there are cultural differences at play here and the friendly banter and nasty comments between hockey fans would seem strange from another sports’ perspective.

A recent example of this trash talk is the Stanley Cup finals game 3 (yesterday), 18,000 Nashville fans chanting at the Pittsburgh goalie, Marty Murray, trying to get under his skin.  We hockey fans think this is priceless.  Different sport, different perspective.

Ok, I digress, back to the point of this post.

Daisuke was the leader of Japan mens figure skating for many years.  His bronze medal at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver was the first Olympic medal for Japan in the mens singles skating event so it was quite a historical accomplishment.  When I used to watch Daisuke (before Yuzu was around), I thought he was talented, but he never caught on with me as a “must see” skater.  Daisuke’s skating didn’t “speak to me”, but he was still very talented.

Yuzu and Daisuke competed against each other for 4 seasons.  Daisuke had a long career (skipping the 2008-2009 season) and I can only hope that Yuzu’s competitive career can be the same length, but these are different times with different challenges.

Daisuke was a skater that achieved many “firsts” for the Japanese men’s program (first Olympic medal (bronze), first World Champion).  I am sure that Yuzu would have still made his mark in the skating world even if Daisuke did not exist, and with respect to Honda and Oda, Daisuke put Japan men’s skating on the map.


Yuzu vs Patrick

Patrick’s first season in the senior event was 2006-2007.  At that point, Yuzu was still in Novice, and trying out the Junior level for the first time.  After placing 5th at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, Patricks’ dominance in the mens event was clearly evident in the 2010-2011 through to the 2012-2013 seasons.  I remember thinking at the time that it was so wonderful to have a Canadian skater to continue leading our men’s program.  While I never called Patrick a favourite of mine, I was proud that he won those World titles for Canada.

During Patricks tenure at the top of the figure skating world, his dominance was based on his superior skating skills and an ever so consistent quad toe.  Back then, Patrick’s quad toe was so large, powerful and consistent, that it set him apart from other skaters. During Patrick’s 3 consecutive world titles, there were other skaters who were also jumping quads, many of them more than one type of quad.  However, none of these skaters could match the skating skills and the quality and consistency of Patricks quad.

There was a Daisuke vs Patrick period, but meanwhile, a young Yuzu was starting to make his mark right in the middle of Patricks 3 consecutive World titles.  By the time the 2014 Olympics came, Patrick was considered the favourite for the gold medal but Yuzu came in and completely stole the show.

Yuzu and Patrick are very different skaters, both in physical build, and style.  Each skater has their own appeal.  I would say that Patrick is one of the last of the generation that isn’t quad crazy.  While some people may dislike Patrick for his comments about the new focus on jumps and the impact they have on the sport and skaters’ health, I respect his knowledge of the sport, and his own body.

I think Yuzu needed Patrick in his career.  Patrick was one of the large “walls” that Yuzu had to climb over.  To get to the top of the sport, Yuzu had to go through Patrick. Personally, I believe Yuzu’s skating skills are just as good as Patricks.  Their skating skills look different because their physiques are different.  Yuzu’s speed is a bit more deceptive, but both can reach top speed in a couple of cross overs.  The smooth glide and deep edges they each possess is pure brilliance.

Conversely, I think Patrick also needed Yuzu in his comeback.  Patrick was a bit stuck doing the same thing; he knew what his strengths were.  Having to compete against Yuzu and the new age of quad mania, Patrick has been forced to add a new quad salchow to his arsenal and now is even talking loosely about a quad flip.  Without Yuzu pushing the limits, would Patrick have pushed himself to achieve higher technical content?  We will never know this answer.  But, they have helped each other, while each staying true to their own selves.


Yuzu vs Javi

Javi entered the senior category the same season as Patrick.  While Javi took a bit longer to evolve as a serious contender, the largest improvement in Javi’s results coincidentally coincides with the arrival of Yuzu at the Cricket Club in 2012-2013.

While Yuzu and Javi are NOT BFF’s, both have benefitted from each others presence in training.  I’m sure the awareness of what each of them is doing in practice is motivating and helpful in their development, and the support they show each other is commendable.

Before Yuzu, I knew Javi to be a skater that was never consistent enough to make the podium in a big event.  As far as I can remember Javi has always had 2 types of quads in his arsenal.  The period where Yuzu only had one quad (quad toe) was very short.  Yuzu’s 2nd quad, the quad salchow, has given himself and his fans fits of despair at points during his journey.  But, Yuzu never gives up on his toys and we are richer for it.

Yuzu and Javi have competed against each other for 7 seasons.  In the last 3 seasons, Javi has been seen as Yuzu’s primary rival, however, this seems to be changing.  Last season Javi chose to stay the course on his technical content.  I think he made a big mistake as he now appears to have fallen behind.  It will be interesting to see what Javi does this upcoming season in response to his results last season.  We shouldn’t forget about Javi, but a new breed of skater has emerged, and Yuzu seems to be adjusting to this a bit easier than Javi is.


Yuzu as part of the 4 Horsemen:

Yuzu bridges the gap between the Uncles and the 4 Horseman.  The “young guns” of the new quad era are aptly named the Four Horseman of the Quadpocalypse (cool name taken from Tumblr, credit to yuphoniumist).  Yuzu career has spanned both generations and because of his natural talent and abilities, and has been able to adapt to this new breed of skater and be included in this group.

Yuzu and 4 Horseman


Yuzu vs Shoma

The Yuzu vs Shoma times are relatively new.  Last season was a bit of a break through season for Shoma.  It is inevitable that a younger skater will come up and push the top skater.  For his part, Shoma has always been respectful towards Yuzu.  While Shoma has said that he admires Daisuke, there are again, new fan wars between Yuzu fans and Shoma fans, since Daisuke fans appear to have adopted Shoma as their own.  Much of the drama is fed and hyped by the Japanese media.  I feel bad for both Yuzu and Shoma in this respect.  Both skaters are just elite athletes, chasing their dreams.

Leading up to this Olympic season, the Japanese media hype is really ramping up. Shoma is getting his own sponsors, and more airtime.  I think he has earned it.  What I am hearing about the Japanese media is that the bias is glaringly apparent, and it really riles up the fans.  One local sports journalist whom I know and respect said that the world of sports journalism was changing from what it once was.  He recently said on the radio that “fans want affirmation, not information”.  This really resonated with me.  Based on fan reactions on every tidbit of information that comes out, I think he was right on the money.

As for Shoma, I think he is talented.  I think it’s funny how all of the Daisuke fans have aligned with Shoma and that the divide between the powerhouse Japanese skaters is once again rearing it’s ugly head.  I wonder if Sota Yamamoto had said that he admires Daisuke (instead of Yuzu), if all the Yuzu fans would suddenly drop him and he would be picked up by the Daisuke fans.  Just a thought I had, nothing more.

As for the actual Yuzu vs Shoma.  If each skater skates clean, I still believe that Yuzu should come out on top each time.  I say this because of the small subtleties in Yuzu’s programs.  Each movement is crisp and concise.  Each beat of the music accounted for and there is a purpose for each movement.  This is a type of polish that makes the difference in my eyes.  Shoma is working hard towards this type of perfection, and once he gets there, it will become a matter of personal preference, and of course, I would always still choose Yuzu.

I wonder if Shoma would have developed as fast technically if he didn’t have Yuzu leading the way?  I think it’s also good that Yuzu has someone that is pushing him so intently from his own country.  Unlike Patrick who didn’t really have any close competition at home for the years when he was winning World gold, Yuzu has not had any chance to rest on his laurels, even at home.  If Yuzu let’s up in the slightest at home, he knows that Shoma is there to take the title away from him.  I think it’s a healthy rivalry.


Yuzu vs Boyang

Unlike many of the skaters before him, Boyang entered the senior event and immediately made his mark, and announced his arrival with a bevy of quads.  Even Yuzu took notice, and credited Boyang for igniting a fire in him to achieve perfection!  He was not about to be beat by the upstart Boyang, and the result was a free program World Record at 2015 NHK Trophy!

I love the quirkiness of Boyang.  He is figuring out who he is as a skater and just having fun while he is doing it.  What is interesting is that Boyang is really flying under the radar.  While the Japanese media is hyping Yuzu and Shoma, and the American media is hyping the Yuzu and Nathan, there isn’t a lot of press about Boyang, at least not in North America.  Perhaps some of the chinese fans out there could help me out on this, but I haven’t heard much about Boyang vs Yuzu.  Does the chinese media built up any hype about these two?

Boyang has had his ups and downs in his first 2 years as a senior, but you can’t take away the fact that he has medalled twice in 2 years at Worlds.  Boyang has come along at a perfect time to energize Yuzu.  After Yuzu won Olympic gold and set new World Records in his short and long programs, the question was “what next for Yuzu?”.  Boyang coming along at that moment prevented Yuzu from stagnating and becoming complacent with his success.  I’m sure Yuzu was still planning on a progression forward, but was the plan this aggressive initially?  Boyang was an accelerator for this technical progression.  I credit Boyang for renewing a sense of desire and motivation to achieve more, in Yuzu!

*secret wish – someone re-ignites Yuzu after 2018 Pyeongchang to continue as well.


Yuzu vs Nathan

Nathan is the newest Horsemen to join the gang and completes the pack.  In talking about the Japanese media and their penchant for creating drama and building up rivalries, now I get to take a look at Nathan and the US media.  The US has been waiting a long time for a skater to come along and put their country back in the spotlight.  Nathan’s achievements at US Nationals had the media anointing him as potential Olympic champion already.  It’s funny actually.

In the 2015-2016 season, Nathan earned a spot at Worlds but had to withdraw due to injury.  Then this last season, Nathan was expected (especially by the US media) to fight for the World title against Yuzu.  Affected by broken down skates and the pressure, Nathan failed to reach the podium, yet is still going to be touted as a gold medal favourite going into the Olympics 2018.  Whether this hype is justified or not will be flushed out this season.

The impact of Nathan has yet to be realized.  His programs are still a bit of jump, jump, jump and this is where the sport appears to be going.  Nathan has already expressed a desire to retire after Olympics and pursue his education goals.  I’m not sure if he will retire if he doesn’t get on the podium at Olympics.

Each of the skaters, Shoma, Boyang, and Nathan are gunning for Yuzu.  Let’s not kid ourselves.  While everyone talks about achieving their personal bests and not worrying about winning gold, the goal is to win and to win you have to beat Yuzu.  To them, Yuzu is the top of the mountain, and climbing this mountain must seem like climbing Mount Everest.  It’s not impossible to do, but it requires training, and more training, and even then, if you perform your best, there are still other factors that can derail your ascent, and you have no control over what will happen.

I think that when Yuzu saw what the other Horseman were doing, it re-ignited a spark in Yuzu.  He had already achieved the top pinnacle in his sport.  Yuzu needed something to make skating fun for him again.  He got just that in Shoma, Boyang, and Nathan each in different ways.  An excited Yuzu, a motivated Yuzu, a healthy Yuzu makes for a potentially unbelievable 2017-2018 season!!   

It will be very interesting to see which media will still have Yuzu listed as the favourite to win the Olympics, and who will not.  Not one of the skaters listed above deals with the media and fan scrutiny that Yuzu does.  So for Yuzu to achieve what he does, in the fishbowl that he lives in and with the pressure that is put upon him is incredible.  I hope fans can do what the skaters do, try not to take the media reports so personally.  Enjoy the sport.  Enjoy the skaters.  I’m so excited about what next season will bring, and hope that the skaters can each have their own special moment.


Go Yuzu Go!!!  Doki Doki!!

Doki doki


18 comments on “Yuzuru Hanyu: Skaters in Yuzu’s Story

  1. Jo Dewar
    June 4, 2017

    I am surprised by your comments about fan rivalry. I am blissfully just watching you tube videos of Yuzuru. He, of course, is my favorite skater. But I also love Javi. And I think I am going to like Nathan. But, as a fan, I enjoy all the skater’s performances. I like to see the skaters showing respect for each other. If they can do that, certainly fans can do the same!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Alethea89
    June 5, 2017

    I, too, sometimes worry about how media and fans scrutinised Yuzu the way they do. The immediate reactions to his announcement of 2017/18 SP were… quite something. And that’s from the side supporting him. The things that reassure me are how Yuzu has matured so considerably, and how his team protect him. I can’t wait to see what he brings to the new season.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Teresa
    June 5, 2017

    Hi, I’m a Chinese fan and no, I haven’t seen much if any hype about Boyang v. Yuzu. From what I’ve seen, which is mostly discussions by fans since there isn’t much serious press about figure skating, people see Boyang as still in the process of growing into a complete skater, while Yuzu as the top of the discipline. They’re not seen as direct rivals, since with Boyang’s PCS disadvantage (which those who follow him are highly, painfully aware of) people are happy to see him on the podium, while Yuzu’s getting anything other than gold makes people say “he’s not doing well (for him) today.” On a side note, that’s also probably why Yuzu’s and Boyang’s fans are generally quite friendly with each other, while each having a fan war with Shoma fans…

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Pammi 3011
    June 5, 2017

    I wasn’t aware of this (unfriendly) rivalry between Daisuke and Yuzuru supporters! How sad; I love them both (but of course Yuzuru is my very strong favourite!✨) Thanks for the very interesting article; I feel excited about this upcoming season too; Yuzu is very determined and I am delighted with the choice of SP – he is so confident in this programme, I am anticipating a new WR this season! Look forward to reading your next article 😊 Pamela

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Henni
    June 5, 2017

    I have read about the disappointment in Yuzuru’s SP choice, too. The absolute best response he could give to his fans was that perfect skate at FaoI last week. That was simply insane and the best confidence booster for the olympic season you can think of. I’m really delighted to see that his 4T+3T combination is so consistent after a whole season of absence – not to mention that he did it in the second half of the programme. I’m looking forward to Chopin 3.0 – probably the best version so far.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Katrina OLeary
    June 5, 2017

    This analysis is brilliant, thank you! I think Yuzu is uniquely highly aware of his rivals and strategies and I suspect he has spent many many hours thinking about how to best respond to them, so I am quite sure that he HAS been impacted by them as you describe. And considering the constant PRESSURE on him as the reigning Olympic champion and media superstar it is just unbelievable that he has had the mental and physical strength to stay with it, let alone progress as he has been doing. Truly alien!!! It’s good to hear him say he is still motivated to win, and I have no doubt he has not reached his peak yet, so win or lose at Pyeongchang I hope he decides to continue to skate in competition.
    I am looking forward to the growth of the other horsemen of the Quadpocalypse BUT I don’t think any of them could persevere through the pressure and reach the heights that Yuzu has as Olympic and World champion.
    I love the quote, ‘of all the millions/billions of years of life on this planet, we managed to be alive at the same time as Yuzuru Hanyu’- congratulations to us!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • sportymags
      June 5, 2017

      Great quote, I hadnt heard that one before!! Thanks for posting it!! ❤️


  7. Taro Tsujimoto
    June 5, 2017

    Great read! And congratulations on your first double digest 😀.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Taro Tsujimoto
    June 5, 2017


    Liked by 1 person

  9. Yuzurist-Japan
    June 18, 2017

    Thank you always for your blog! I have been to Kobe to see Yuzu in Fantasy On Ice on June 10. I am very happy to witness he is in good health this year!
    About the fight between Yuzu fans and Daisuke fans, it appears to me that it is mainly caused by jealousy of Daisuke fans, because I noticed some of them make jealous remarks against Yuzu. I think it is really silly because I admire the both skaters. I was originally Daisuke & Mao fan (Yuzu was still about 11 years old when I started watching figure skating) and am now passionate about Yuzu. I respect many skaters, but Yuzu gave me something that even Daisuke and Mao could not. Yuzu makes our dream come true by being strong consistently and by showing us out-of-this-world performances. He gives us a lot of mental energy through his fighting and performance. Then we get a feeling that we should give back something to him. Whenever he has an away competition, about 300 fans go all the way from Japan to cheer him at the skate rink. Whenever he has a skate show here, he receives countless messages and presents. (According to Nobunari Oda, Yuzu uses “one room” just to put the presents he receives.)
    Yuzu is now very important for us. Jealous remarks from some Daisuke fans only show that Yuzu became so great that their selfish pride is hurt.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Lily
    June 25, 2017

    Thank you for the interesting analysis on the current top skaters.
    Yuzu is unbeatable if he skates his best with no mistake!!!

    Here is the fan-made video of Yuzu’s golden night in Helsinki, where I was and everything was exactly how I felt from his performance.

    Liked by 1 person

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