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Aito Iguchi: Japanese Hockey Prodigy

Last year a video about a talented young Japanese phenom hockey player came across my Facebook timeline.  I watched it and was amazed by his skills, then forgot about it.  Flash forward a year later, and this young kid has now re-surfaced! 

His name is Aito Iguchi and he moved to Canada from Saitama, Japan when he was 11 years old to pursue his hockey dream!   Born in 2003, Iguchi is draft eligible in 2021.

This video has both english (when Pavel Barber is talking) and Japanese (when Aito is being interviewed).

The skills practice part of this youtube video is awesome!  It’s a must watch.

Any Atom or Pee Wee aged players are already cute because they are little, but this kid is special.  You just have to watch the videos to see that he is talented.

Aito 1

Most kids in North America have hockey heroes that they look up to, their favorite players that they want to emulate.  This kid learned all his skills by watching youtube videos!  Never underestimate the power of social media!

“It will be five more years before Iguchi is eligible for the NHL Draft but it’s highly probable that NHL scouts are already monitoring him. With proper guidance and discipline, he still has the potential to become a lot better before he turns pro in 2021.”


Aito 2

Other child prodigies like Wayne Gretzky, Sidney Crosby, Connor McDavid have been scouted as early as 9-10 years old.  Look where they ended up!!

Now, the knock on Aito already, is his size.

“Even if he remains undersized, Iguchi can draw inspiration from guys like Calgary Flames’ Johnny Gaudreau, currently one of the NHL’s brightest young stars despite doubts that the 5-foot-9 forward was too small to play at the highest level.”


Aito has had some North American tournament exposure now and clearly impressed many of the scouts in attendance.

“The Samurai played a fast brand of hockey and were a disciplined team with a flair for scoring goals. They finished second in the tournament in goals with 44; the Bantam AAA Kelowna Rockets scored 47, while the only other team to notch 40 was the Delta Wild AAA Bantam club, who scored 41 times.

Japan was lead by phenom Aito Iguchi, whose 15 goals and 23 points led the entire event in both categories. Iguchi has been featured on YouTube videos showing his considerable talent at stickhandling and scoring; he was also the subject of a CBC story by Amy Cleveland last November.”



CBC stories:

“His puck handling skills are outstanding for any age, let alone 13 years old. Iguchi and his family have moved to Canada so Iguchi can get the best tutoring available. He is currently being tutored by Pavel Barber, a famous stick-handling specialist. While his size is currently a concern, he is only 13 so he can still grow quite a bit. Even if he doesn’t grow, Martin St. Louis and Johnny Gaudreau give a blueprint of how to succeed in the NHL despite a lack of size.”

Hope to see you in the “show” in a few years kid!


Go Aito Go!!


2 comments on “Aito Iguchi: Japanese Hockey Prodigy

  1. Taro Tsujimoto
    May 10, 2017

    He shoots right and the Flames need a right winger. He’s already better than a couple of guys on the roster. He’s probably tougher, too…

    Seriously, this kid has what you cannot teach: an absolute love for the game!

    Keep playing and having fun, Aito. Gambatte!

    Liked by 1 person

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