Hey sports fans!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am a self admitted “rink rat” so a lot of this blog will be about figure skating and hockey, however as an ex-figure skater, ex-varsity athlete and a sports fan in general, I usually have thoughts and opinions about alot of different sports I follow, so visit often!

Rio 2016: Week 2 Review

So the Olympics are over, and suddenly I have a lot of free time on my hands again.  I was glued to the tv for the past 2 weeks!  Thank goodness Rio was only a 2 hour time difference for me.  I can’t imagine what watching the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang will be like as it is a 15 hour time difference for me!  

So, as of the start of week 2 on Sunday, all 12 of the Canadian medals had been won by women.  “I am women, here me roar!”  Until Andre De Grasse won his bronze medal in the 100m final, the Canadian women were killing it!!

Track and Field:  Usain Bolt and Andre Degrasse

Speaking of De Grasse, the 100M semi’s and the 100M final were amazing!!  I love how Usain Bolt treats Andre like his little brother.  So happy that Andre got bronze!!  Very excited that the world sees De Grasse as “the Next One”.  


In the 100M semi final, they both coasted across the finish line and De Grasse was like Bolts’ puppy side kick, it was so cute!!!!  When Bolt looked back behind him it was like he was cheering Andre on and saying “c’mon little buddy”, and the smile De Grasse gave Bolt was priceless as he caught up to Bolt at the finish line.


Best quote from Bolt after the 100M final:  “He runs just like me, he’s slow out of the blocks”.  

Not much turnaround time before the 200M semi’s and final.  If the 100M final wasn’t exciting enough, Bolt and Degrasse gave us more memorable moments that went viral, the “bromance” was spread like wildfire!  Degrasse surprised Bolt in the semi’s by pushing hard at the finish, and Bolt jokingly scolded him afterwards, but it was cute nonetheless.

200M semi

Are we talking track and field or are we talking figure skating??  With the gold medal win in the 4 x 100M relay, Bolt completed a “Triple-Triple”.  He is the greatest sprinter of all time and I don’t think we will ever see this feat repeated.


The first time I watched the relay final live, I didn’t even get to watch Bolt cross the finish line.  I was so focused on Canada, and then when the results went up, and I saw Japan in silver, I was like “wait, what?”  The DQ by USA to move Canada into bronze was heart warming after 2012 in London where we lost the bronze medal after a DQ for stepping on the line on the bend.  Looks like Canadian track has great potential for Tokyo 2020 with Andre leading the way!!


Volleyball:  Team Canada

So the volleyball pool was in a 4 way tie for 2nd place and Canada had to play Italy.  I could not believe was happened!  In a stunning upset, Canada beat Italy and ended up 2nd overall in their pool!!  Ok, so we got thumped on by Russia in the quarter finals, but what a giant step forward for Team Canada Mens Volleyball!!

Sponsorship Goof Up:  Nike and Under Amour

Michael Phelps wearing Nike on the cover of Sports Illustrated was a source of a big endorsement goof up.


Closing Ceremonies

I wasn’t that impressed with the opening or closing ceremonies in Rio.  However, I was excited for the handover of the Olympic flag to Tokyo and what they would do for their intro number.  Japan did not disappoint.  The Super Mario/Prime Minister Shinzo Abe moment was my favourite moment of both ceremonies!!

While I don’t think Tokyo can top Beijing, I’m sure the opening ceremonies in Tokyo 2020 are going to be fabulous!!!  I’m sure they will have robots (perhaps Assimo and Pepper), maybe an appearance by Godzilla, tons of anime, more Nintendo characters, and some ninja??   Japan has so much to choose from, I can’t wait to see it!!


I love that even though it was the summer olympics, Team Canada had our trademark team mittens!!  It is winter in Brazil after all.  

Now that the Olympics are over, it is time to focus on World Cup Hockey championships starting September 5th and then on to the start of the Figure Skating Grand Prix Series!!   Yay!!

Go Yuzu Go!!!  Doki Doki!!



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