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Yuzuru Hanyu: 2016 Worlds Practice 2

On to practice session #2!!  I decided to move away from the very busy section by the ice entrance and get a new angle, a new perspective.  Here are my favorite photos that I took during the second practice.

Yuzu followed his normal ritual of touching the ice before skating.  For this practice, Brian already had Pooh in his arms and carried him to their meeting place by the boards.  So, Pooh only got one ride at practice on the ice in Yuzu’s arms (day 1) during Worlds.



Here is Yuzu’s opening warm up triple loop which is usually a thing of beauty, but he popped it. So, Yuzu skated around to reload and tried it again, and popped it again.  I recall his facial expression during those moments, he was a bit surprised, and not pleased with himself, but after those moments, he was totally fine.



Here came the quad salchows, right in front of me!  Again, I love Yuzu’s body position in the air.  His solid technique is what makes him so consistent.  When he is on, his jumps look so effortless, so stunning!



Good landing on the quad salchow (it wasn’t his best landing, but the jump was fully rotated).  Such a smooth gliding edge on the exit of his cleanly landed jumps!



Lovely spread eagle!  His run through on this practice session was Chopin.



I just love how close he was to me.  When you are sitting in the front row (in North American arenas), when the skaters skate by you, they are literally inches away from you.  Well, imagine what that is like when you are looking through a view finder of a camera when the lens is at maximum zoom and he skates by.  Omigosh, such a rush!!



Ok, time for a quick drink break here.  Yuzu might be getting tired at this point, but I will never tire of watching him skate!



Here is Yuzu with his head up, asking Pooh for advice!!!  Now we all know who is really coaching Yuzu!!



Yuzu was looking fairly relaxed for most of this practice session.  He struggled a bit on his quad toes but overall it was a good session.  He stayed pretty loose, and we never had any indication at all that he had a foot ligament injury.



Yuzu examining his last jumping pass in his mind.



Yuzu casually skating by me, just feeling the edges!  It’s a bit unfortunate that if you ask me any question about any other skater on the ice during Yuzu’s practices, I simply cannot tell you a darn thing.  In fact, I have no idea who else was even on the ice.  I mean, I can figure it who was there if they snuck into one of my photos of Yuzu, but my attention was focused solely on Yuzu.  Sorry, no disrespect to any other skaters, but while Yuzu is at the peak in his skating career, I do not want to miss even a second.



And, now it’s time for cool down again.  It was all just a dream…



Up close and personal!  Simply breath taking.



Ok, and a final smile for Brian and Pooh!  A nice way to wind down a good practice but I was sad that it was over so quickly!



Practice session done!  Still adorable!!  Thank you Yuzu!!  See you at the short program!!



Hope you enjoyed this set of photos!!

Up next: Practice #3: The T-Shirt Practice!!  

In case you missed the pictures I took during the first practice session, here is the link:

Go Yuzu Go!!!  Doki Doki!!







5 comments on “Yuzuru Hanyu: 2016 Worlds Practice 2

  1. Kwok Kwan Yow
    August 15, 2016

    I enjoyed these close up photos. The one with pooh is so adorable! Would you be able to write on how to distinguish between the different types of jumps eg a salchow, toeloop, axel, luxe etc? I always try to match Yuzuru’s jumps with the sports commentator’s description but I can only tell between a triple and quad rotation!

    Liked by 1 person

    • sportymags
      August 15, 2016

      Ok, i will try to write something up in a future post, perhaps during the season.


  2. ecovail
    August 15, 2016

    Hello from Japan. It was so good to read this post. Thank you so much to share these beautiful photos.

    Do you know a Japanese word 「萌え(moe)」?

    I don`t know how to translate, but when I read your blog post about Yuzu and see how crazy you are to Yuzu,I find very strong Moe feeling inside of me. So as when I hear so many compliments from all over the world!

    By the way I commented to you before with the different name. This time I came here as a Yuzu`s fan blogger. I decided to start write my own fan blog.

    And actually your blog gave me so much inspiration to do so.

    On your past post [My life with Yuzu] you said

    ‘When I read over this blog entry, I sit back and laugh at my self.But,if you can`t enjoy the things you love, and laugh at your self, you are missing out on life!’

    ↑This quote made my mind clear that I should do it! I should write blog about Yuzu!

    So thank you so much for that!

    As I asked you before, I would like to introduce your blog and translation on my blog to my readers with your photos. People will really appreciate to see these amazing pictures. Could I ?

    Anyways looking forward to read your next post!
    Go Yuzu Go! Doki Doki!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • sportymags
      August 15, 2016

      Hi there!! So happy I was able to inspire you to start a blog as well!!

      I sincerely appreciate you asking, yes you can translate my blog and use the pictures. I only ask that you put the original link as well for source credit.

      Happy blogging!! If you get the chance, please send me the link to your blog as well!! 😊


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