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Rio 2016: Game on!!

I just finished watching the Rio 2016 Olympic Opening Ceremonies along with a few billion other people. Even though I am more of a winter sport enthusiast, I enjoy many sports, and am excited to see the stories that will unfold over the next 16 days!

During the opening ceremonies, I was excited to see all the athletes walk in, and check out all of the team outfits!  I wanted to include a few of the best photos in this blog post that I saw on my ridiculously fast moving twitter feed as the ceremonies were going on live!

First someone will have to explain to me why Germany came in out of alphabetical order? I mean I understand why Greece is always first and the hosting nation is always last, but why Germany in the middle of the A’s??

Next, as a Canadian I was extremely disappointed with our own CBC coverage of the Canadian athletes entrance.  While Team Canada was still making their way in, CBC did a split screen and showed that country with the striped outfits planting their tree seeds instead of the rest of our athletes?? Epic fail!!  They even tweeted a video of their huge mistake too but it bothers me so much, so I will post photos of images I like instead.

Before the next Olympics, I have one request, can we please please please go back to Roots as the official designer/supplier of Canadian team apparel or at least use their designer guy??  The Bay patch (right shoulder) and their designs are just not cutting it for me. Remember the Canadian gear in Nagano in 1998 and the “Po boy” hats? We were the sharpest looking country out there!

*Unfortunately, the Hudson’s Bay has the contract until 2020 to be the official supplier.

imagePhoto credit: Google images

imagePhoto credit: @HuffPostJapan twitter

I wasn’t that excited about Team USA however, when I saw this picture, I wanted to post it because I just think it is a great photo.  The flag is hanging so nicely and the original image is so crystal sharp!

imagePhoto credit: @ByJoeFleming twitter

I didn’t even know there was a country called Tonga!  However, it is surely one of the most talked about countries now, well, their flag bearer anyways!  Good luck whomever you are!

imagePhoto credit: Google images

I wish Pele would have been there to light the Olympic cauldron but nevertheless, the piece of rotating art behind the Olympic flame was very unique and very beautiful!!

imagePhoto credit: @Buzzfeed twitter

imagePhoto credit: @Buzzfeed twitter

Honourable mention to Gisele Bündchen’s walk across the entire length of the stadium. I wish I had that perfect posture, and the perfect walk in those 5 inch heels!  I guess that’s why she gets paid the big bucks, but I wonder if that is truly her last walk on the catwalk?

Ok now I am officially ready for the games to begin!! I am so happy that the Olympics are on the same side of the world as I am so I don’t have to deal with a time change and waking up to events that have already happened when I was asleep!

I am sure there will be amazing stories that come out of the Rio games. That’s what I enjoy the most, those moments that bring tears to my eyes, even in sports I don’t follow outside of an Olympic year, and learning about amazing athletes I had never heard of before!

Based on my twitter feed over the last few days, I think Rafael Nadal is the most popular athlete judging by the amount of selfies people are posting!  He is truly making the most out of this Olympic experience.

The events and athletes that I can’t wait to see and make me excited about the Rio Olympics:

Mens volleyball: The Canadian mens volleyball team has finally made it back to the Olympics, qualifying for the first time in 24 years! We had a fabulous run up to Olympics, so hopefully they can keep it going! Sad that the coach Glenn Hoag is retiring from the National team after this Olympics. Let’s go boys!!!

imagePhoto credit: Google images

Usain Bolt: What an amazing athlete. Loved the excitement of watching him in London 2012. Go Usain Go!! Here is a link to a great article.

imagePhoto credit: Google images

Michael Phelps: I am not a huge fan but he certainly makes swimming exciting!! Say what you want about this guy and all of his “out of the pool” antics in recent years, but he’s the real deal.  This man is a fish!!  Will he set records for medals that will never be reached again?

PhelpsPhoto credit: Google images

Christine Sinclair: Can she be Canada’s sweetheart again?  I’m not a huge soccer fan, but do watch the big soccer events like World Cup and Olympics. The first time I ever watched “womens” soccer was London 2012 and Canada’s run to their medal was amazing!! Let’s go all the way this time!

SinclairPhoto credit: Google images

Kohei Uchimura: A Japanese gymnast who won 2 silver medals in Beijing in 2008, and the gold medal in the men’s all around in London 2012 (along with 2 additional silver medals). He’s the guy to beat, he is so strong!


Photo credit: Google images

Between the events and athletes that I talked about above, and throwing in some additional sports that I like to watch as well, I think my tv schedule is full for the next 2 weeks!!

The kickoff of the 2016 summer olympics is already getting me excited about 2018 in Pyeongchang!  During the opening ceremonies, my thoughts went a few times to Yuzu and what experience he will have again in a couple years.  I can barely wait, but let’s handle one Olympics at a time!!

Go Yuzu Go!! Doki Doki!!



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  1. Upnights
    August 6, 2016

    The teams were in the alphabetical order as their country is known in Portuguese. Germany in Portuguese is Alemanha.

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