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Upcoming Sporting Events: Go Canada Go!

I always think that if I go away on vacation, I may miss something while I am away, and I was right!  A few “big” things happened during my 8 day trip to Japan!  Thank goodness I had free wifi in my hotel!!!

First of all, the Brits left the EU while I was in Japan!!!  Ok, that’s old news now, but gee, it doesn’t get much bigger than that!!  If anyone asks me in the future where I was when it happened, I can say I was on a bullet train from Kanazawa to Tokyo!!

The best news that came out while I was in Japan for FaOI, were 3 major sporting event bid announcements!!!  I was only gone for 8 days!

1  Skate Canada bidding to host the 2020 World Championships!!

Yay – finally we are trying to get another Worlds in Canada!!  While it is highly unlikely that Yuzu will still be competing in 2020, you just never know!!  I suspect that the host city will be in eastern Canada looking at the trend posted in the press release.

2020 Worlds


2  Skate Canada bidding to host 2018 Grand Prix Final!!  

While the 2018 GPF will be in the 2018-2019 season (post Olympics), and most likely Yuzu will not be skating at this GPF, it is still exciting for us (Canada) to host, assuming we win the bid of course.  A big shout out to Skate Canada for putting in these bids!!!  This will definitely raise the profile of skating in Canada!!

2018 GPF

3  Calgary is looking to put a bid in for the 2026 Winter Olympics!!!

YAY!!!!!  While they are only “exploring” the possibility of putting in a formal bid at this time, no one approves the spend of $5 million on an exploration process without being serious about it!

While the articles talk about the Saddledome (ice hockey/figure skating arena) and McMahan stadium (CFL football stadium used for 1988 opening/closing ceremonies) being obsolete, Calgary’s bid would benefit from the CalgaryNEXT project which plans to build a new state of the art 18,000+ hockey/skating arena, and a new covered field house that would seat over 30,000+ fans (could be used for the opening and closing ceremonies).

At this point, I can only wish that Yuzu would be a coach in 2026!  He has never really expressed any desire to become a coach however, again, you just never know what can happen.  Perhaps one day at Ice Rink Sendai, he will see a young little skater and be inspired to mentor and coach him!!  How cool would that be!!

Memories of Calgary 1988:  Brian Orser was the flag bearer for Canada during the opening ceremonies.  The center of the field was a giant skating rink during the ceremonies!

Calgary 88


I wonder if Japan will tap Yuzu on the shoulder to be the flag bearer for the 2018 Olympic opening ceremonies?  It is quite an honour to be chosen!

That’s all the exciting news for now, all of it so far into the future!  For now, I am just counting the days to 2016 Skate Canada (Mississauga), where we will see Yuzu again!

Go Yuzu Go!!  Doki Doki!!










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