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NHL: Johnny Hockey

I’ll admit, at first I was a doubter.  When the Flames drafted Johnny Gaudreau in the fourth round, 104th overall, of the 2011 NHL Entry Draft, my first thought was “not another small forward”!!

When Johnny didn’t sign an entry level contract right away, again more doubts, this time whether or not he wanted to play in Calgary.  Now that I have seen him play, and have learned more about him, he has quickly become one of my very favourite players in the NHL!!  (Yes, he’s right up there with Ovie!)

The story of how Johnny learned to skate told by his dad is just so cute:

“When he was two years old,” remembers pop Guy Gaudreau, “I’d bring him out and he’d just kinda putz around. I coached all the kids and they loved Skittles. Johnny was no different. So I’d tell the guy ‘Put a Skittle five feet in front of him.’ So he’d have to skate to it. He’d get there, bend over, pick it up and then skate to the next one. And the next. Skittles were his favourite. Skittles and Mountain Dew.”


Here is a great video about Johnny growing up and his dad talking about Johnny learning to skate:

If you think Johnny has outgrown his love for Skittles, in recent promotional video of his home, Johnny points to the candy dish and comments that he has already eaten all the Skittles in the bowl.

With the nickname “Johnny Hockey”, how can you go wrong?  In his first year as a Calgary Flame, Johnny surprised many, and silenced the critics!  He played 80 games and scored 24 goals, and got 40 assists, and was nominated for the NHL Rookie of the Year award.  Personally, I think he should have won, but I guess I am a bit biased.


So far in his sophomore season, Johnny has not fallen into the sophomore jinx.  He is as exciting as ever to watch.  At 5’9″ he looks like a pee wee player out there in the middle of all of the guys who are 6’0″ and taller, but he lets his talent speak for itself.  He’s fast, got great hands, sees the ice, and is just a natural gifted scorer!  He is dazzling!

During a game this Christmas break against the Edmonton Oilers, Johnny scored 2 goals to lead the Flames to a comeback victory and put the Flames back into playoff contention.  What you don’t see on television was that
each time Johnny touched the puck or started a rush from his own blue line, the whole crowd got excited and sat up on their seats. 20,000 people in the Saddledome went into a frenzy whenever he touched the puck.  I haven’t seen this amount of excitement since Pavel Bure first entered the league with the Canucks!!  It was such a cool feeling, and the atmosphere at the Dome was electric!!

Kudos to the Flames for playing the “Johnny B Good” song for each his goal celebrations!!  Nothing else would be fitting, and it fires up the fans even more!!  I had heard that Johnny didn’t want it played last season because it was a team effort, and he didn’t want to stand out, but how can you resist??  I’m glad he agreed or simply didn’t have a choice in the matter.

The best moment of the game against Edmonton.  The Oilers were deep in the Flames end, and Dougie Hamilton lost his stick.  Who gives him a stick??  Johnny!!  You had to see it to believe it.  A 6’6″ defencemen trying to use the stick from a guy who is 5’9″.  It was hilarious, he couldn’t have had a shorter stick!!

I sure hope the Flames re-sign Johnny to a multi-year deal soon, he deserves it!!


Go Johnny Go!!



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