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Yuzuru Hanyu: Is Lethbridge Ready for Yuzu-Mania?

Brian will surely have Yuzu ready for Lethbridge, but is Lethbridge ready for Yuzu and Yuzu-mania??

When Skate Canada 2015 was announced for Lethbridge, the city celebrated.  When the Grand Prix assignments were announced and we found out Yuzu was coming to Skate Canada, many in the Yuzu fandom celebrated, including me!!

What is Lethbridge, where is Lethbridge??

Lethbridge is a small city in the province of Alberta, Canada.  It is located approximately a one hour drive south of the city of Calgary, Alberta.  The population of Lethbridge as of the 2015 census is 94,800.  Even though I only live about an hour away from Lethbridge, I have never been there.  All I know about the city is the Lethbridge Hurricanes WHL hockey team, and that it is known for being very windy there.  😄.   So, I thought I would do a bit of research before I headed down there in October.  For more information on the city of Lethbridge, here is a useful link.

I’m sure the organizing committee will put on a first class event, but is the city of Lethbridge ready for the influx of visitors from around the world that will be decending on this small Albertan town just to see Yuzu??   Lethbridge knows that it has world class skating stars coming to visit, but do they truly know and understand how big a deal Yuzu is??  Do they know that he needs to have security guards with him to shield and protect him from the legions of fans that follow his every move?

In Japan, tour tickets for Skate Canada 2015 have been sold out from almost the moment they went on sale.  Last year, when I attended Skate Canada and Skate America, I met some super friendly Japanese fans who travelled around the world to see their favorite skaters however, I don’t think that was anything close to what we will see this year in Lethbridge.  It is absolutely amazing to see this kind of support for skaters!!!

There is such a high demand for tickets to see Yuzu skate live that tour tickets in Japan for the 2016 World Championships are being drawn in a lottery!  (Thanks to unpoissonbleu for sharing such unique information with me).  I haven’t seen that kind of demand and fan frenzy for any kind of sporting event other than the Olympic Games themselves!  And, all of this is to simply have a chance to see and cheer on Yuzu live!  He is truly a “special” kind of skater!

Tryouts for the little ice flower girls is scheduled for Sept 10th.  Are the Skate Canada organizers aware that they need to double the number of little skaters that will be picking up teddy bears for Yuzu??  Are they aware that wherever Yuzu goes, it rains Winnie the Pooh bears??  Skate Canada organizers should ask the Lethbridge Hurricanes for some advice on quick teddy bear pickup tips like they have for the hockey team’s teddy bear toss event.  Better yet, they should call the Calgary Hitmen who have experience with 25,000 bears being tossed on the ice at once and having to get the ice cleared quickly afterwards to resume play!

I was fortunate enough to book a hotel room before Yuzu’s participation was announced.  Now, trying to get a hotel room in Lethbridge anywhere near the arena is impossible.  I think the organizing committee is going to find out that their projected economic benefits of hosting an event like Skate Canada are going to be significantly surpassed, given the number of international fans that will be coming to watch Yuzu.

In any event, Skate Canada promises to be an exciting competition, and a chance for me to see a city that has always been in my back yard.  And let’s not forget, our own reigning National Champion, Nam Nguyen, and former National and World Champion, Patrick Chan will also be competing at this same event!!

While I will always cheer on Canadian athletes, my heart belongs to Yuzu!

Go Yuzu Go, Doki Doki!!



5 comments on “Yuzuru Hanyu: Is Lethbridge Ready for Yuzu-Mania?

  1. Justine Alyssa
    August 15, 2015

    I greatly enjoyed this! I will also be in Lethbridge come October, only a few hours south for me. I’m psyched to see Yuzu mania first hand and I hope Lethbridge is ready.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kaofrances
    August 15, 2015

    I know it will be exciting because I am one of the fans from other countries. I am not even from Japan! (I am from Taiwan)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ashley
    August 16, 2015

    So for Worlds, are you saying that there is a set number of tickets on sale for those in Japan and a separate amount on sale for here in the U.S?

    Liked by 1 person

    • sportymags
      August 16, 2015

      Hi Ashley, no what I was alluding to was that tour companies buy a certain amount of tickets let say 200 (they estimate their own demand because they do not want to be left with extra tickets so being sold out is a good situation for them), then they found out that the demand was much greater but that is all they bought so they had to put a lottery system in place to try to be fair. For those in Japan that cannot get the tickets through a tour package, they can still buy tickets on their own through the normal Worlds ticket site. They just need to coordinate their own travel and hotel (which is usually made easier by the tour company) especially for those who do not speak english.


      • Ashley
        August 18, 2015

        Oh I see. What you said about Skate Canada being sold out made me nervous! I hope I buy tickets for the individual mens event at Worlds before they’re gone!


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