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Yuzuru Hanyu: Photo-bombing and Simple Off Ice Fun!

In TSL’s recent interview with Nam Nguyen, Nam said that Yuzu was as goofy off the ice as Javi was, but that Yuzu was all business when he is on the ice.  So, I thought I would put together a quick little post on some of Yuzu’s off ice antics.  Unique photos are hard to find and I’m sure there are more out there than what I am posting here, but it goes to show you that Yuzu has a cute, adorable and playful side to him.  Of the thousands and thousands of pictures of Yuzu that you can find on the internet, most of them are of him skating, or posing with people, or making commercials where he is the centre of attention in the photo.  In this post I wanted to capture some different off-ice special moments with Yuzu, where he is not so serious.

These days, photo-bombing has become a “thing to do” to people’s pictures.  Some of the most fun, unexpected moments are captured on camera!  Here is Maia Shibutani and Joannie Rochette backstage at an ice show.  You can easily tell it’s Yuzu behind them based on the sleeve and the power stone bracelet.  Of course, the peace sign is tell tale Yuzu too!!

Photo bomb 2

Here is another backstage moment at the Fantasy on Ice show.  On the far left, you see Yuzu sneaking into the photo.  Not quite his typical peace sign, he is making a number 1 hand gesture, so subtle!!

Photo bomb 1

At the 2015 World Championships, after the medal ceremony, Yuzu was obviously not happy with his results.  However, this did not stop him from another adorable moment.  This photo may not be a “photo-bomb”…he may simply be posing in the picture for the women, however, the angle of this photo makes it look like he is photo-bombing her.  Regardless, this lady has a wonderful, rare picture!!  Yuzu can photo-bomb any picture of mine, any day!!!   Source of photo:  @momo622 twitter


Here is one more of Yuzu, this time with Kanako.  I don’t think this was meant as a photo-bomb  since I believe Kanako knew Yuzu was behind her, however, since he is just peeking around the corner into this picture, I’m gonna group this one with my photo-bomb collection too!


I love that Misha is giving bunny ears to Yuzu!


In this photo, I can’t really tell if Yuzu was supposed to be a part of it, or if he skated by and joined in at the last second!  Misha and Javi have their arms around each other, so I think Yuzu just popped by for a photo op and to add a little cuteness to the photo!!


Of course then we have Yuzu doing the exact opposite of photo-bombing, trying to get out of the way of the photo!!!  At the 2014 World Championships, here is Yuzu ducking to get out of the photo!  He’s just so adorable!!  It would be cool to see the real photo to find out if Yuzu was successful in hiding, but I have not see the actual photo of Javi and the official from the front angle.

trying not to photobomb

So, moving away from photo-bombs, what is Yuzu like off the ice, away from Gala exhibitions, away from practices, away from the Kiss and Cry.  Here are a few photos of Yuzu simply being a normal guy, having fun away from the ice!  He sure has a unique way of serving watermelon!!


Cross eyed Yuzu: I didn’t include the picture of Yuzu going cross eyed into the camera after the Grand Prix Final since I wanted to focus on off-ice Yuzu goofiness.


Ok, this photo is not Yuzu but I found it too funny not to post it here.  It’s from the 2015 World Team Trophy, and it is the guy from Team Japan (pairs skater) giving rabbit ears to Team USA.  This is priceless.


While there are many many more photos of Yuzu, these are just a few that I have collected over time because they were cute.  If you have any other special Yuzu moments, please feel free to leave me a message and let me know!!

Until next time….  Go Yuzu Go!!



8 comments on “Yuzuru Hanyu: Photo-bombing and Simple Off Ice Fun!

  1. Marina
    May 2, 2015

    in fact, as you can see here,
    Misha and Javi were actually waiting for him to join the photo…He was just in a bit of a hurry 😉
    Lovely post, as always!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Doris
    May 4, 2015

    I really, really like your blog! Can I reblogg it on tumblr with reference to the source? There are so many followers of Yuzu on tumblr and I think they would be really happy if they could read all this….!


    • sportymags
      May 4, 2015

      Hi Doris, thank you for visiting my blog!! Yes, you can reblog my post if you put the direct link to the post so they can visit my site. Thanks! Appreciate you asking!!


  3. Ashley
    May 4, 2015
  4. Yuzuru HanyuTaiwanese fan page
    May 10, 2015

    Hi, can I share this post on our “Yuzuru Hanyu’s Fan Page” on Facebook with direct link to the post? Thanks!


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