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Yuzuru Hanyu: Mascot Fever

Its the weekend before Worlds, and the anticipation is driving me crazy!!  So, I thought I would put together another “fun” post about Yuzu!!

Yuzu’s followers are not limited to fans of figure skating!! Everywhere Yuzu goes, he meets new people and interesting characters!  This is just a simple collection of mascots that Yuzu has had the pleasure of meeting. Yuzu’s #1 fan is a Golden Eagle named Vegatta.  He is the mascot of the Vegalta Professional Football team (soccer) in Sendai.  He is the funny bird who constantly loves to play with Yuzu’s hair.  He has done this on multiple occasions.  He is the cutest mascot of all of the ones shown below!  I wonder if it’s always the same guy inside the costume because his playfulness with Yuzu has been pretty consistent over the years!

(combination photos from my instagram account @won0066) bird 4   bird 2

The mascot below is the lovable mascot character created to promote tourism in Miyagi Prefecture. His name is Musubi-Maru.  Yuzu tried to hang his Olympic gold medal off of one of his horns.  Ok, it may not be a “horn”, but that’s what it looks like to me.  : )  Here is a link to some more information about him and a video where he answers questions about himself with his own version of sign language.  I like that he says his head looks like a giant rice ball! Mascot a   IMG_9585

As Yuzu made appearances after winning the Olympic gold medal, we saw a lot of different mascots popping up everywhere with pictures of Yuzu!!  Lucky mascots! This mascots’ name is ” べっぴょん” (Beppyon), who is the mascot of Beppu city (別府市).  Special thanks to Frances K (Yuzu Facebook group) for helping me with this info!!. mascot b   IMG_8272

Pictured below is the mascot of Waseda University, simply known as “Waseda Bear”.  For a university mascot, I wonder why they made him with a permanent frown?  Isn’t university supposed to be the happiest time in your life??

waseda 1    IMG_0598 IMG_6205

Here is a cute picture of Yuzu jumping up and down with a mascot named Juni.  He is mascot of Sendai TV.  The reason why they are jumping is that they are imitating “ふなっしー” (Funassyi), who is another famous mascot in Japan.  Special thanks to Frances K (Yuzu Facebook group) for helping me with this info!!

IMG_8982   IMG_3876

The brown square mascot that looks like the top of a Fudgesicle is the mascot of the NHK Trophy event; his name is Domo, or Domo-kun.  Every year during the exhibition skates, someone always seems to knock him over, and he simply cannot get back up by himself, so all the skaters join in to help him back up!

Mascot   IMG_2654

At the 2014 NHK Trophy, the organizers set up a roving Domo-kun with a video camera.  Skaters took pleasure viewing what Domo-kun was recording and played along with the mini Domo stuffies they were given.  It just goes to show you that no one is ever too old to have fun with mascots and stuffies!!

IMG_2043   IMG_2341

This next mascot is named Go-Chan.  He is the mascot of Japan TV Asahi.  I haven’t seen this mascot around that much during skating events, but he is one of the lucky mascots to find Yuzu for a quick picture!  Here is a link to some brief information on who and how he was created.


With all these mascots lining up to hang out with Yuzu….the one truest mascot and good luck charm for Yuzu is…, you guessed it, POOH!!!!!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the Kiss and Cry area looks like this next week!!!


As always, Pooh will keep a watchful eye over Yuzu!! IMG_3294

Next UP:  WORLDS!!!!!  Go Yuzu Go!!!


One comment on “Yuzuru Hanyu: Mascot Fever

  1. Iskandara Ale
    March 21, 2015

    Perhaps the Waseda Bear has that face that is always worried about passing all exams xD

    Liked by 1 person

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