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2015 World Figure Skating Championships: My Predictions

Worlds is almost here!!  It seems like an eternity since Japanese Nationals which is the last time we saw Yuzu where he is the most comfortable, on the ice!!  There was been a total media silence, and Yuzu has been operating in stealth mode since his abdominal surgery and ankle injury.

I really have no idea what to expect at Worlds this year.  I guess that makes it all the more exciting!  I have to admit, I’m a bit nervous about Yuzu and what shape he’s in.  But, I’m keeping the faith that when we see Yuzu for the first time, during the official practices, he will look just fine and all this worry will have been for nothing.

Taking a look at the entrants at Worlds this year, I thought I might go out on a limb and make some Worlds predictions!!

List of entrants:

I think there will be a huge difference between the order of the top ten that I “want”, and what the actual results will be.  Here is my list of desired results, followed by my list of what I think is realistically possible.

Perfect Worlds top ten results for me:

  1. Yuzuru Hanyu
  2. Takahiko Kozuka
  3. Javier Fernandez
  4. Nam Nguyen
  5. Denis Ten
  6. Han Yan
  7. Takahito Mura
  8. Joshua Farris
  9. Maxim Kovtun
  10. Jason Brown

More realistic Worlds top ten results: I’m not 100% confident that Yuzu can win this year given his recent injuries and that he hasn’t been training with Brian for over two months, however, as a faithful, dedicated fan, I cannot in good conscience put him anywhere but in the gold medal position!

Gold Medal: Yuzuru Hanyu – Of course I am predicting that Yuzu will defend his title and repeat as World Champion since I believe he is still a cut above the rest, even when he is not 100% healthy.  I’m a bit nervous about this prediction though because we have not had any real information on Yuzu’s health post surgery and post ankle sprain.  No one outside his inner circle even knows the severity of the ankle sprain (1st degree, 2nd degree sprain etc).  Whether or not his ankle is fully healed in time, we will find out soon.  Aside from the obvious injuries, his endurance will be tested as well.  With limited training time, and being away from his normal training base and coach Brian, this event is going to be a very challenging one for Yuzu.  However, based on his previous competitions, we do know that Yuzu has skated with wonky ankles, limited amount of training time and has persevered.  Knowing his stubbornness and great desire to compete, he will still load his programs full of technical content.  I’m sure we will see both the quad salchow and the quad toe in the long program.  Personally I would prefer to see the quad toe, and a quad toe combination, rather than the quad salchow at least just to end this year.  I don’t think Yuzu will go for 3 quads in the long program.

Silver Medal: Javier Fernandez – Do I think Javier can beat Yuzu?  Yes (I say this hesitantly), however the only time that i can recall where Javi has beat Yuzu was when Yuzu didn’t make the podium at 2013 Worlds.  If someone has to beat Yuzu, I guess I’m ok with it being Javi.  I like Javi’s skating, however I’m still rooting for Yuzu to come out on top.  I do think that this Worlds is going to be a very close one, just like last year’s worlds results between Yuzu and Tatsuki.  We will get to see if Javier can handle the pressure of having a legitimate shot at the World title.  Javi’s got the full package technically and artistically but we just haven’t seen him have two good programs in one event.  He does have the advantage of plenty of good solid training time and I only assume that his leg injury suffered before Europeans has fully healed.

Bronze Medal: Denis Ten – Denis is kind of a dark horse in this World Championships.  He’s been flying under the radar this season.  His Grand Prix season what full of ups and downs but Denis has the skills and talent to get onto the world podium.  He is such an elegant skater and I hope he does well next week.

4th place: Joshua Farris – I’m going out on a limb for this one thinking that Joshua can repeat his performances that he did at 4CC.  Is Joshua a one hit wonder??  He’s improving at every competition this year, so I think this is the World Championships that will put him on the map.  Either this prediction will be bang on, or ridiculously wrong.  : )

5th place: Maxim Kovtun – Technically Maxim will rack up enough points to be a contender and keep in the top 5, however his performances just don’t draw me in.

6th place: Takahito Mura – I saw his wonderful performances at Skate Canada, and on the strength of how well he skated there, I place him here in 6th place.  Takahito has the technical ability to score high on TES but he seems to have peaked too early this season.  Hopefully I am wrong on this one.

7th place: Han Yan – I had trouble trying to figure out where to slot Han Yan.  I don’t have any idea if Han is healthy yet or not so I placed him a bit farther down the list. He has the technical content to make the podium but I don’t see him doing it this season.  I almost put him in 4th place instead of Joshua Farris but my gut feeling has him in 7th place.

8th place: Takahiko Kozuka – This placement is dependant upon the landing of those quads!!!  If Tahahiko can put together a performance like he did at Japan Nationals, then I think Takahiko could move up to maybe 5th place, however he hasn’t shown that consistency this season so I had to place him in 8th.  Let’s go Takahiko-san!!!!

9th place: Nam Nguyen – If Nam nails his quad salchows in both the short and long programs, and skates the rest of his programs clean, he could easily move up a couple if placements if any other skaters have issues.  This is the brutal part of figure skating, anyone can have a good or bad day.  Honestly I think next year is the year for Nam to make his mark.  He is still developing into a wonderful skater.

10th place: Jason Brown – The lack of a quad jump will hold Jason back in this field of competitors.  Jason just started attempting quads in competitions (unsuccessful attempts at 4CC) so I think he is behind the rest of the skaters technically.

So, there you have it.  I hope that at least my top ten names are correct!  The placements may vary, let’s see how close I am!  I have never written down predictions in advance before and actually published them so here we go!!  Worlds is going to be so exciting!!  I can’t wait until next week!!!  Go Yuzu Go!!


One comment on “2015 World Figure Skating Championships: My Predictions

  1. Юлия
    March 14, 2015

    Thank you so much! You are very talented!


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