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NHL: The Softer Side of Ovechkin

Hey hockey fans!! So we constantly hear about Alex Ovechkin and how he doesn’t possess the leadership skills like Sidney Crosby to lead his team to a Stanley Cup. Well…this little blog entry is to let you know a little bit about the softer side of Ovie!!

Back in October 2014, Ovechkin hosted an American Special Hockey Association skate at the Capitals’ training facility.  A 10-year-old girl named Ann Schaab, who has Downs Syndrome, apparently skated right up to him and asked him out on a date.  Well, Ovie accepted, and walked into the locker room with a personalized jersey and flowers.  He took Ann out on a sushi date and then treated her to a Capitals game!  This is so sweet!

ovie 3


If you think the cute story ends here, keep reading!

Most recently at last weekends NHL All-Star game, during the draft, Ovie sat at the back of the room trying to hide from the captains. He didn’t want to be selected until the last person.  Why?? The last person to be selected would win a car from Honda. He even went so far as to write a sign and hold it on front of his face.

ovie 1

The big question again is why?? Well, unknown at the time was that Ovie wanted to win the car and donate it to a very special hockey program. Well, turns out that Ovie didn’t get his wish.  He was drafted third last. No car for Ovie.

Once Honda found out about the story they contacted Ovie’s agent and made it happen. A new Honda car was given to Ovie, and then it was donated it to a young girls’ hockey program, the Nova Cool Cats of Virginia.  This is the same hockey program that the young girl in the story above, Ann Schaab, is a member of.

So say what you will about Ovie and the Capitals not having a Stanley Cup, this is a nice example of his softer side!  Over to you Sidney!!

PS:  KUDOS to both HONDA and Alexander Ovechkin!!  And, I love the giant key!!

ovie 2



One comment on “NHL: The Softer Side of Ovechkin

  1. Golf Barbie
    January 26, 2015

    I read somewhere the little girl found out that Ovie liked sushi so she asked on a sushi date. How cute!


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