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Yuzuru Hanyu: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

So, 2014 was the year of the ALS ice bucket challenge.  It was a creative idea that got a lot of people talking about this awful disease.  Many many people participated in the ice bucket challenge; friends, neighbours, and even big celebrities….no one was immune!!

Sports figures did not get left out from being nominated either, and they quickly got in on the action. The ice bucket challenge was an unprecented success for the ALS Foundation. Over $100 million was raised in the US and over $16 million was raised in Canada.

For more information on ALS:

The Cricket Club brothers and Brian all got nominated, and here are their videos:

Brian Orser: Brian reminds us why he had the nickname Mr. Triple Axel!! The double axel jump into the lake was very original and the funniest part of the video was his Croc shoe flying off his foot! I wonder if he ever recovered that shoe??


brian als    brian als 2

Nam Nguyen: Poor Nam has to move around a bit to make sure he actually gets hit by the water. Looks like he and his assistants had fun though!  I was only able to find Nam’s video on his instagram.


nam als 1    nam 2

Javier Fernandez: The best part of his video was who Javi nominated to do the ALS ice water challenge. The King of Spain?? Well, you gotta aim high!!


javi 1    javi 2

Yuzuru Hanyu: The part I like best about Yuzu’s video is that it was so simple and cute! I loved the little sigh when he picked up the bucket and the tiny little squeal he let out when the ice cold water hit him. The video was a little bit blurry, which led Yuzuru fans to wonder if it was Pooh who took the video??? 😜

Yuzu video:

Yuzu als    yuzu als 2


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